1. Made in Canada: Must-Have Wooden Watches for Men

    Made in Canada: Must-Have Wooden Watches for Men

    Like women, men also consider style when buying fashion items. That's why they could be cautious in choosing the clothes and accessories they wear. Thinking of what gift to buy for your special someone could be challenging. Probably, you are planning the usual items that most men receive as gifts, including t-shirts, jackets, and shoes. Besides these gift ideas, you may also consider accessories like wooden watches. There are many wooden timepieces that you can find in local and online stores. However, not all can guarantee you with high-quality watches. When buying a wooden watch, you may consider the on made in Canada.

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  2. Easter Gift Ideas: Wooden Watch for Men

    Easter Gift Ideas: Wooden Watch for Men

    Easter is an annual celebration that is observed in most Christian countries, including Canada. This religious occasion is fast approaching, and a lot of people are excited about it. This 2020, Canadians will celebrate Easter Sunday on April 12th. It is expected that many individuals will be busy preparing for this special event. Probably, there would be people buying Easter-related items such as egg-shaped chocolates. Others might be looking for Easter baskets where they could place their gifts. If you are planning to celebrate Easter, then you may consider buying your loved ones Easter gifts. Besides the typical items that you can offer to your family and friends, there are other Easter gift ideas that you may consider.

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  3. How to Wear A Wooden Watch With Style

    How to Wear A Wooden Watch With Style

    A wooden watch is a classic and unique accessory that you can wear as part of your fashion statement. Many individuals choose this stylish timepiece because it is an eco-friendly alternative for standard watches. Even celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Rachel Wood, and member of the Black Eyed Peas were spotted wearing wooden watches. If you still don't have this classic timepiece, then you're not too late to own one. There are several ways on how you can rock a wooden watch. You can apply these smart tips whenever there is an event.

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  4. How to Make a DIY Wooden Watch

    How to Make a DIY Wooden Watch

    Wearing a wooden watch is one of the best alternatives that many people find to become more environment-friendly. It primarily uses wood which is a sustainable material. A wooden watch is recommended to individuals who want a stylish piece of accessory but have sensitive skin. If you are considering a wooden timepiece, you may either purchase from a verified seller or make your DIY watch.

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  5. Men's Guide in Wearing A Watch

    Men's Guide in Wearing A Watch

    One of the simplest ways to look fashionable is by wearing a stylish watch. Timepieces come in various colours and sizes. They are also made of different materials like metal, plastic, and wood. It is essential to pick the perfect watch and learn how to wear it properly. Doing so can enhance your style and make you look more dashing.

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  6. 7 Ways in Taking Good Care of Your Wooden Watch

    7 Ways in Taking Good Care of Your Wooden Watch

    Many people wear a wristwatch because it is one of the ideal ways to tell time. Although some use their phones to check what time it is, still, having a watch could be said to be more convenient as it only requires a glance from your wrist. There is a lot of timepieces today in the market to match any style and outfit. Apart from the watches made out of plastic and metal, some are made out of natural wood. There are also watches with basic or complicated functions. It is always important to learn how to take care of this accessory since applying the proper maintenance to your wristwatch can make it last longer.

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  7. How to Care for a Watch Box

    How to Care for a Watch Box

    Some men prefer and enjoy wearing pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and watches. These accessories allow them to get the look they want, be it formal or casual. Nowadays, more and more individuals are choosing to buy designer watches from different brands and models. Since watches can also be an investment, you will need a watch box to keep it properly.

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  8. Why Choose Wooden Watches as Part of Your Fashion

    Why Choose Wooden Watches as Part of Your Fashion

    Amid trendy wearable technologies today, watches are still one of the most favourite accessories for men to include in their fashion and style. Wooden watches are now becoming famous because they add a classic touch of class. Not only that, they offer that naturalistic twist making them unique and stand out from other types of watches.

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