10 Amazing Things You Can Do From Wood

Wood is one of the most in-demand materials for various purposes. It’s durable, stylish, and can be turned to useful objects at home, in the workplace, or even outdoors. Just a bit of creativity, skills, and imaginative ideas and pieces of logs can become beautiful masterpieces.


What Items Can Be Created From Wood?

The following are some examples of fantastic things that can be made from wood:

#1 Wooden Office Desk Organizer. Everyone will love to have an intricately designed handy wooden organizer on their work table. This is not only a beautiful accessory in the office but also an excellent way to keep your things properly.  You can make it as a 3-tier organizer for your pencils, markers, clips, pens, small notebooks, and items you use at work.


#2 Wooden Holder for your phone. Need a mobile holder? You can create one from wood and have a beautifully-styled holder for your phone. They can comfortably hold any sized of mobile to assure safety and convenience. They can be created in various sizes and shapes, depending on your preferences. Of course, it will be best to have it built with someone with woodworking expertise.

You can also find these items in various marketplaces online. Compare prices and choose one of the best quality. But if you have some knowledge in building crafts, you can try creating it for yourself. Tutorials are also available so you can have a guide to do the project. Wooden phone holders are perfect to be used at home and office and will help you become more organized.

#3 Floating Shelves. You can add aesthetic design to your home by having a floating shelf either in your living room or bedroom. It can be a beautiful project among the members of the family. A nice wooden floating shelf is not only decorative, but it can be very useful, too. You can place your books, magazines, and other lovely things to display here.

The shelf will look floating because it is hanged from a pulley. Choose a floating shelf based on the space where you will put it. The colour, design, and appearance must all be considered when choosing the best floating shelf for your home. You can also make it a DIY project. This can be more exciting because you will have a satisfying feeling once you’ve made creations from pieces of woods and other items in your home.

#4 Wooden Doormat. One of the easiest woodworking projects that you can make is a wooden doormat. This can be very useful at home, too. A wooden board and rope are needed to create this. You can place it in the porch or outdoors. A wooden doormat will easily remove the dirt and mud from shoes and other footwear, even in just one wipe. It’s easy to clean and is durable.

This type of doormat is best placed in outdoors because they are not easily gets damaged. It also promotes a more original and eco-friendly style as compared to the usual plastic and fabric doormats we usually buy.

#5 Beautiful Wood Picture Frame. There are beautiful items that can be made from barn wood. You can assemble them using screws and hot glue and turn them to become a wooden picture frame. This gives a rustic look but a gorgeous charm because of its colour and design. Besides, it’s more durable, and you can hang it on the wall for a picture-perfect view of your treasured photos.

#6 Wooden Accessories. Today’s creative minds and eco-friendly materials are becoming powerful tools to create amazing pieces of wonders. For instance, more and more accessories’ styles and designs are introduced in the market - and people love them. For example, wooden sunglasses, wooden watches, and wooden fashion accessories are creating statements in the fashion industry. They are lovely for their unique appearance. Plus, they are more eco-friendly, so they are safe to wear.

Wooden sunglasses and wooden watches are accessories we can often wear at any time and place. Whether you’re going outdoors and having a vacation, or you’re just a work, wooden accessories can accompany you. They offer a perfect balance when it comes to being classic and unique since their design is timeless with nature’s touch.

#7 Wooden Garden Vases and Planters. Creating vases and planters from wood is also easy. You need to collect pieces of woods, measure them according to your desired geometric designs and sizes, and stick them together. They are today’s favourite items by gardeners and plant-lovers because they make fantastic pieces of garden vases and pots for succulents and other types of plants. They are also great gift ideas because they can be designed in different colours and styles.

#8 Wooden Headphone Stand. Headphones can be stored safely with the help of a wooden stand which is made from solid wood carefully hand-crafted. You’ll have it from simple to trendy to elaborate styles. There are wooden headphone stands that can be purchased in various stores and are available in universal sizes.  They can fit any style and size of phones. This is also a lovely gift to anyone close to your heart. They’ll appreciate it because they can use it either at home or in the office.

#9 Wooden Monitor Stand. A wooden monitor stand can be both practical and innovative. If you’re into ergonomics, then this wooden item is perfect for you. Not only it looks incredible, but it also great for your eyes because you can put your computer monitor to eye level. Because of that, you will avoid having eyes strain and neck pain. 

You can work with comfort and style with this wooden monitor stand, both at your home office or outside the workplace. You can also have it designed with the underside as a container for pens, keyboards, pencils, clips and other office essentials. Usually, this type of monitor stand is crafted from solid wood and is finished with natural oils, so the beauty of the wood grain is still there. It’s a wonderful and unique item you can have at home and office that can also be environment-friendly.

#10 Wooden Footwear. It’s exciting to know that shoes and other types of footwear can be made and designed from wood. Since wood is an eco-friendly material, these kinds of footwear can keep your feet healthy and protected. Here’s why:

    1. Wooden soles aids in maintaining an upright posture. They provide lower-back support, which helps align your spine. This is why wooden sandals and clogs are recommended to pregnant women as well as workers who stand all day.

    2. Wood can effectively absorb foot perspiration. That way, you will need to worry about foot odours during and after wearing the footwear.

    3. Your feet will stay cool during summer and feel warm during winter.

Wood is a great gift to us by Mother Nature. That’s why it is proper not to waste their debris and pieces of logs we have. Instead, think of some ways on how to recycle them into a beautiful and useful office and home items.