10 Cheap Gift Ideas for Christmas

It is less than a hundred days before Christmas, and some countries have already started their holiday season. A couple of months from now, you will see Christmas decorations hanging around the streets. For some, it is still too early to plan for the celebration. Yet, it is good to have an idea of what you are going to do these holidays. And since Christmas shopping is around the corner, you need to finalize what is going to be on your shopping list. Take a look at these gift ideas for Christmas that will not leave your pockets empty.

#1 Travel flatware set

Whether you are eating at work or on the go, a pair of spoon and fork, a knife, a pair of chopsticks, and different sizes of metal straws will always be handy. You do not have to worry about how to pack these things because it comes with an easy-packing container that will perfectly fit your lunch box and your bag. Also, by using these, you will help the planet by reducing the use of disposable cutlery and straws. It would be perfect to have a twinning pair with your food buddy.

#2 Shower speaker

Nowadays, everyone seems to own a Bluetooth speaker. It can be carried anywhere you want except for places where it can be soaked with water. Thus, a waterproof Bluetooth speaker will be ideal. You don't have to worry about getting your speaker wet. There is no need to stop your playlist when you go to the shower or near the pool. Your friend who adores singing will be delighted to receive it as a holiday gift.

#3 Facial mask set

Self-care is one of the essential things that people often forget. Let your friends take care of themselves by adding skincare to their daily routine. Facial mask sheets do not only target skin problems brought by the stressful environment. It also gives absolute relaxation to those who use it. Aside from recharging their energy,  a 10 to 20-minute break can give them youthful, glowing skin.

#4 Journal

An exchange gift among friends and family will not be complete without someone receiving a journal. Journals will never be outdated. These days, they come in different covers and contents. The key is to find a journal that is unique and intricately-designed. Some are inspired by movies, some are made with unusual materials, and some have their themes other than writing.

#5 Wooden watches

If you are more on the sentimental side, consider giving wooden watches as a gift. Watches can be considered as one of the most-used everyday accessories. You can leave the house without a necklace or a bracelet, but you can't forget your watch. Having it as a gift will remind the person about you every time he/she checks the time. A wooden watch is best when you are looking for a quality yet affordable gift item. Still, it gives the same statement or maybe a better one since it is eco-friendly.

#6 Blanket with sleeves or Wearable blankets

Together with the Christmas season, winter is also approaching. It is time to get those blankets ready. Your relatives might be sleeping over your place during the holidays, and you do not want them to get bothered by the cold night. Giving them blankets with sleeves or wearable blankets will keep them under the sheets. The kids will enjoy this gift because they come in their favourite characters.

#7 Smart plug

Would it be nice to transform all your appliances into smart ones? It is possible by using a smart plug. A smart plug enables you to control when to turn on and turn off your devices. It can increase your productivity in the house, and at the same time, it saves energy. Moreover, it can be connected to any voice assistant. No one needs to be tech-savvy to receive this gift because they only need their smartphones to control those appliances.

#8 Oil diffuser

An oil diffuser is ideal for a Christmas gift because of the benefits it can give to the recipient. Aside from giving them something that will make their place smell good, health benefits come with it. It relaxes their mind and body that can reduce their stress and anxiety. Besides, it helps them have a good night's sleep that will always be beneficial to the body.

#9 UV sanitizer box

Christmas celebrations will be a little bit different this year due to the pandemic. However, there are gifts that you can purchase concerning the present situation. Instead of giving out alcohol and sanitizers, UV sanitizers will be great. With UV light's help, they can disinfect their smartphones and other things that will fit in the sanitizing box. They can bring this all-around considering its slim and lightweight design.

#10 Wooden sunglasses

Sustainability has found its way to be a part of what makes a good gift. In this case, finding something sustainable and cheap, like wooden sunglasses, will be perfect. Match up your friend's wooden watch by giving them these wooden sunglasses. Since it is made of wood, it is much lighter, and it compliments every skin tone. You don't have to worry about them getting out of style.

As you finalize your shopping list, keep in mind that no matter how expensive a gift can be, what matters most is the reason why you give it to them. You can give them the fanciest gift, but can make it more meaningful. It is why you need to plan as early as now. Gifts are not one size fits all. It differs depending on who will be the receiver. More than the gifts that you will give them, it is best to show them how much you appreciate them and how much you want them to be part of the new year that will come.