10 Eco-Friendly Fashion Tips For You to Go Green

The fashion industry is not only an exciting business, but it is also an interesting channel to discover more opportunities. High-end clothing and fantastic styles of wardrobe amaze people as they are being showcased to the public.


Environment-Friendly Fashion Tips: Easy and Convenient

Taking care of our environment must start in our homes. Discipline and becoming responsible are some of the primary keys in achieving an eco-friendly lifestyle that can help us with our daily living.

Here are 11 environment-friendly fashion tips. These will aid to make your wardrobe clean and safe, and live a healthier lifestyle while saving Mother Earth.


 #1 Get familiar with your fabrics. Getting to know what types of fabrics your clothes are made of will help you understand how to care for them. Especially those delicate ones, they require some specialized care tips to maintain their colours and quality. Also, there are eco-friendly fabrics available in the market; thus, you can consider choosing them when buying new clothes. Some of them include organic cotton, silk, bamboo, lyocell, and hemp.


#2 Take extra care when washing your clothes. When washing your clothes, choose to buy environmentally-friendly laundry detergent. It's always better to use products without harsh and synthetic chemicals. They may harm the environment and cause several health hazards.

In case you need to hire a cleaner for your clothes, find an organic and eco-friendly cleaner company. They do not use harmful chemicals when dry cleaning. Make sure to inform the cleaner about the delicate fabrics so that they will handle it with extra care. Although most of them are already knowledgeable about it, they can it's always smarter to give them prior information about the wardrobe.


#3 Discard clothing responsibly and adequately. Some studies show that discarded clothing, as well as household textiles, contribute to the significant waste accumulation in the world. To lessen the waste, strive not to throw away your clothing as long as you can still wear them. You can also donate or sell them instead of having them end up in a landfill.


#4 Buy second-hand clothes. Another way you can help reduce waste in the environment is to buy second-hand clothes. Check for sale items and wardrobe near your place or online. Buying second-hand items of clothing is also a practical way; most of them are less expensive and of excellent quality. There are various designer wares and branded garments that are durable and worthy of their prices.


#5 Try DIY clothing. Old clothes and discarded accessories can be turned into a newly-designed wardrobe. Apply a bit of creativity and patience to create gorgeous apparel. For instance, you can fix a T-shirt by adding some old-worn stones and glittering accessories to make it look new. Bits of jewelry and some ruffles can be added as well. They can be turned into excellent clothing such as shorts, tops, pants, and scarves.


#6 Choose eco-friendly accessories. You can also help save the environment by choosing to buy and use eco-friendly accessories. Nowadays, wooden accessories such as watches and sunglasses are making significant trends in the fashion industry. Because they are made from natural materials, expect that they are safe to use and stylish as well. They come in various designs and are proven durable. Not only you can leverage your fashion style, but it can also aid in saving the environment.


#7 Use environment-friendly shopping bags. It's great to know that people are becoming more aware of how to take care of the environment. The use of biodegradable shopping bags become a trend, especially when buying goods from grocery stores. You can also bring and use them to shopping for other items instead of choosing plastic containers.


#8 Choose to buy local products. Buying locally-produced products can reduce adverse environmental effects, and can also support the welfare of the community. When people choose to buy from local businesses, they can decrease transportation pollution. Local businesses can benefit from this, and at the same time, contribute to the environment's safety.


#9 Invest in your clothing and apparel. If you have the means and budget, it is a wise decision to invest in high-quality goods. Buy durable accessories and clothing, instead of those who do not last long. It will be a misuse of money if you choose cheap and low-quality clothing and accessories. Invest in your shoes, too. Just like other clothes and accessories, your shoes can last longer once they are taken care of.

If they are handled with care properly, you will not need to buy a new pair so often. If you noticed small damage on the shoes, bring them to a repair shop. This is to prevent further damage to the shoes. Also, buy shoes that are of exceptional quality. They may be more pricey, but they will last for years. Always go for quality; make sure to choose footwear that is made from durable and eco-friendly materials.


#10 Get familiar with brands. There are various brands which offer merchandise such as clothing, jewelry, bags, and other accessories. When you decide to buy a product from a particular brand, you're not only buying something from the brand. You are also indirectly approving the process on how the materials are made to create the product.

That's why it is critical to be aware of which brands are using environmentally-friendly practices. Check their websites and look at the process of how they manufactured their products. You can also verify some reviews and testimonials from their previous clients. Some companies or brands received awards from some agencies for their eco-friendly efforts. Choose brands that produce top-notch products using processes that are safe for the environment.


Final Thoughts

Mother Nature offers us bountiful resources that bring us comfort and convenience in life. We need to be more responsible in choosing the things that we should use in our daily lifestyle. When it comes to our home, there are various ways we can help to help the environment. Consider the ten fashion tips mentioned above because they can provide advantages in our daily living. Choose to be eco-friendly, instill discipline and be more environment-friendly.