10 Interesting Facts About Wood You Probably Didn't Know

Wood can be seen everywhere, from the pencil you are using to write and draw to the furniture you are utilizing at home and work. Either big or small, many things can be made out of wood.

Artisans admire this material because of its strength and durability. Several individuals are starting to consider a woodworking business because wood is a renewable resource.

It can provide sustainability once acquired responsibly. Aside from the characteristics that make wood an outstanding material, there are other interesting facts about it that you should know.

What You Need to Know About Wood

Wood is not only a significant material in creating furniture and different wooden products. Besides this common knowledge, there are more things to know about it. Below are some interesting wood facts that you might not know:

#1 Hardest wood - As mentioned, wood is a durable and robust material. Its hardness is measured by conducting a Janka test. This test calculates the hardness of wood by measuring the force which is needed to lodge a steel ball. The steel should be embedded halfway into the piece of wood. The first spot for the hardest wood in the world goes to an ironwood tree that is native to Australia. This tree is called Australian Buloke which can be found across most of Eastern and Southern Australia. This tree requires a force of 5,060 lbs to embed a piece of wood.

#2 Softest wood - If the Australian Buloke is recognized as the hardest wood, then the softest wood in the world goes to the Cuipo tree. The same Janka test is done to determine the softest wood. The Cuipo tree is classified as a hardwood, but it has a low rating when it comes to the Janka test. It only requires 22 lbf (pounds-force) to embed a steel ball.

#3 Largest tree - Have you ever wondered which is the biggest tree in the world and where you can find it? Measuring 1,487 cubic metres, General Sherman is hailed as the most massive tree in the world. It is a giant sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum) that can be found in California's Sequoia National Park. It is estimated to be 2,000 years old. Although it is estimated to be 2,000 years old, it is still considered as a middle-age giant sequoia since other trees have reached to 3,220 years.

#4 Widest tree - With a diameter of 38.1 feet, El Arbol del Tule (The Tree of Tule) is recognized as the tree having the widest trunk in the world. It is situated in the town center of Santa Maria del Tule in the Mexican state of Oaxaca. This state was named after this widest tree. There are beliefs that El Arbol del Tule was comprised of different trees, but these speculations were proven wrong after a careful DNA examination was conducted. This test confirmed that the El Arbol del Tule is a single cypress tree.

#5 Tallest tree - Although General Sherman is recognized as the largest tree, Hyperion remains in the number one spot for the tallest tree in the world. Hyperion is a redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) that can also be seen in California, specifically in the Redwood National Park. Redwoods grow as tall as 300 feet, but Hyperion has grown to 379.7 feet. Hyperion is derived from the name of one of the Titans in Greek mythology.

#6 Shortest tree - Some people believe that the shortest tree belongs to the dwarf willow (Salix herbacea), which usually grows from one to six centimetres in height. This woody plant is characterized by round and shiny green leaves that are one to two centimetres long. However, many tree scholars describe a tree as a woody plant that has a single, erect perennial trunk that can reach at least three inches in diameter at breast height (DBH). If this description is followed, then the shortest tree belongs to the Crape Myrtle, which grows as short as three feet even if fully grown. This tree comes in a variety of colours.

#7 Oldest tree - Besides having the largest and tallest tree, California is also home to the oldest tree in the world. It is recognized to be over 4,800 years old, which is situated in the White Mountains of California. The tree is named Methuselah, which is an ancient pine tree.

#8 Heaviest wood - Topping the list of the world's heaviest trees goes to the black ironwood, which has a density of 84.5 lbs/ft3. Although it would be an ideal material for creating structures, the black ironwood can only be used for small projects because of the unavailability of the said material.

#9 Most expensive wood - Although wood can be seen almost everywhere, its price depends on the wood quality. You may find high-end wooden watches or sunglasses that are costly because most of them are made of the quality and expensive wood. The African Blackwood is hailed as the most valuable tree in the world. It is considered to be an endangered species because it can only be found in northern Mozambique and Tanzania. This wood can be used to create a lot of furniture like doors, windows, and tables, as well as wooden instruments such as oboes and clarinets. Usually, the wood costs $25,000 per cubic metre.

#10 Cheapest wood - Pine is believed to be the cheapest wood because of its characteristics. It is lightweight and is less durable compared to maple and oak. It is very affordable and is a versatile material; that's why many woodworkers prefer pine. Since it can blend well with other woods, it is an ideal material for making a variety of furniture to create an elegant home.

Wood is a vital material for woodworking businesses. It is significant to know essential things about wood, such as the interesting facts mentioned above. If you will engage in a woodworking business, try to familiarize yourself with the different kinds of wood and how their distinct characteristics can be used to craft a variety of products.