10 Ways to Be More Stylish

Being stylish is not always about wearing signature clothes or getting along with the trends. Looking more fashionable is sometimes as easy as mixing and matching your basic apparel. It could be as easy as putting on your pair of sunglasses. Even wearing a simple white tee could help you look dazzling by pairing it with a chic bottom, nice pair of shoes, and trendsetting accessories. There are many ways on how you can be more stylish. All you need is to stay confident while wearing your fashion statement.


Subtle Ways to Look Fashionable


Some people feel more confident when they look presentable. Wearing stylish clothes somehow boost their self-esteem. With all the trends in the fashion industry, it is quite challenging to keep up with the fashion craze. If you want to look more fashionable, there are subtle ways to do it. You don't have to buy new apparel because you can use what you have in your wardrobe to achieve a modern look. Here are some tips to be more stylish:

#1 Add a chic accessory. Sometimes, a simple outfit could look dazzling when you pair it with a chic accessory. You can choose among a fashionable hat, a trendy pair of sunglasses, or an iconic timepiece. These items can add a sophisticated look in any clothing style. For instance, you can put on a hat to level up your casual dress. If you are wearing a t-shirt and ripped jeans, then complete the ensemble by adding a trendsetting timepiece. You may choose among metal, plastic or wooden watches. Pick the latter if you want something that goes well with your skin tone.

#2 Add some knots. If your shirt looks dull and simple, then you can add some style to it by tying a knot. It is an instant way to add a chic look to your fashion statement. When doing this trick, make sure that you are wearing high-waisted jeans, skirts, and shorts. Doing so will help in balancing your ensemble. You can tie a knot in the front, back, or even on the side of your shirt. Try not to show your belly button and expose your midriff instead.

#3 Be confident with layering. To stand out with the crowd, you have to try something new. One stylish way to catch everyone's attention is to wear pants underneath your dress. Although it may sound a little bit bizarre, it is considered as fashionable layering. When wearing an oversized dress, match it with skinny jeans. The trick with smart layering is to find balance in the clothes that you will use.

#4 Create a choker effect with a silk scarf. A silk scarf is a multipurpose accessory that you can experiment with. When you tie it loosely in a knot or wrap it several times around your neck, it can instantly give you a chic look. You can also use the scarf to tie your hair or an accessory to your bag. When considering a silk scarf, try to use something with a unique pattern. You may also look for scarfs with vibrant hues.

#5 Create an eye-catching outfit. Step outside your comfort zone and try a playful look with printed clothes. Colourful and bold prints can add some fun vibes to your overall look. Playing along with prints, allows you to be more creative with your fashion statement. Try to combine a variety of prints and find the perfect ensemble for your personality.

#6 Experiment with proportions. To add a playful look to your everyday outfit, then you can experiment with proportions. For instance, you can pair a crop top with a ball skirt. Another combination to try is an oversized top with cut-off shorts. The technique here is to match the opposites: big with small, hard with soft, heavy with light, and even tight with loose.

#7 Look for a belt that matches your style. Adding this accessory to your outfit adds an extra dimension that can make you look fresher. The good thing about the belt is that you can wear it in a variety of outfits, be it a dress, oversized shirt, and basically to your pants. They help in creating an illusion of an hourglass shape, making you look sexier and more fashionable.

#8 Try an unusual combination. If you are comfortable wearing your dress with flats or high heels, then it's time that you try another combination. You can match your outfit with a stylish pair of ankle boots or white sneakers. The trick here is to wear something that you are not used to. So if you are matching your jeans with sneakers, then try wearing a pair of pointed flats shoes or ankle-strap heels.

#9 Use your jacket as a cape. Who says you can wear a jacket only on winter days? You can use a jacket without actually wearing it. Try to make it as a cape to spice up your outfit. You can do this fashion trick, whether you are on a formal gown or your casual wear. 

#10 Wear a motorcycle jacket. Level up your outfit with a motorcycle jacket. This apparel matches with almost everything. Whether you are wearing a simple tee and jeans or a casual dress, wearing a motorcycle jacket can level up your style. Usually, a lot of individuals are considering a black leather motorcycle jacket because it goes well with any colour. It is an impressive choice if you are in doubt about choosing a different hue. However, you are not limited to black leather because any colour will do.


Experimenting with the clothes you already have allows you to come up with different styles. It helps you achieve a more fashionable look without the need to buy new clothes. Try to apply the wardrobe resolutions above to make the best look that you can have. Nothing is wrong with trying new styles. Show your creative side when mixing and matching clothes. Don't be afraid to flaunt your fashion statement.