6 Chic Fashion Style Tips

Dressing chic and stylish is something that you can master as long as you know the basics in fashion. If you are aware of the rules in the fashion industry, you can incorporate them into mixing and matching apparel to create a trendy outfit. There are different ways on how you can achieve a stylish look. As a woman, it is essential to learn new tips that you can apply to improve your fashion style. Whether you are working or visiting a friend, you can keep slaying and look fabulous wherever you go.

How to Be Chic and Fab

Learning even the simplest rules in fashion can benefit you in some ways. Aside from transforming your look, it can also help you with shopping better. If you know what clothes go well with your body frame, you don't have to spend money on clothes that you really need. Recognizing your style allows you to experiment with the apparel on your wardrobe. In this way, you can wear clothes that never get worn and create a unique outfit using the garment you already have in your closet. To assist you in achieving a better look, here are some wardrobe resolutions that you can apply:

#1 Buy apparel that you can wear, not just for one occasion. Perhaps, you have bought a fashionable clothing piece for a particular event such as birthday parties, family gatherings, or weddings. Sometimes, being excited about attending any of these events would make you want to look extra special on that occasion. However, there are instances when you buy a piece of clothing that is suitable only for a few events. Instead of purchasing an item that is dedicated for a specific event, it is recommended to have something more versatile. Doing so will help you save not only money but also space in your wardrobe.

#2 Consider bespoke clothing. Unlike ready-to-wear garments, bespoke clothing is a type of apparel that is created from scratch. It means the tailor drafts a pattern to make an outfit just for you. If you need a suit for a formal event, then you may prefer bespoke clothing. This type of garment can benefit you in several ways. A bespoke suit is tailored according to your measurements. That's why you can ensure that the garment fits perfectly and provides comfort.

#3 Don't buy something that doesn't suit you. Even if you are not a stylist, you can tell whether a clothing piece looks good or not. If you see a trendy piece, don't join the bandwagon by availing the item. Sometimes, it is better to invest in designer clothing than to opt for an item that doesn't suit you.

#4 Invest in the fashion items that you already own. Instead of rebuying a little worn item, you may bring it to a restoration shop that can restore its beauty. Sometimes, it is better to invest in what you already have than to spend the same amount of money buying the same item. For example, if you have a pair of wooden watch that has lost its wood sheen, you can bring it to a watch repair shop. Besides, there are tips that you can apply to take good care of your timepiece. Knowing how to take care of wooden watches can help you save money you can use for other essentials.

#5 Invest in accessories. As mentioned earlier, it is recommended to buy versatile clothing pieces. Try investing in all-around accessories that you can match in any of your outfits. The apparel will never look the same if you know how to accessorize cleverly. Some versatile fashion accessories to consider are silk scarf, wooden watch, and jewelry pieces.

#6 Try a different style. There is nothing wrong with exploring new styles. Sometimes, it helps you discover a more fabulous look than the one you used to wear. Try finding new pieces and see if they complement your skin tone and personality. Don't be afraid of exploring new brands, from high-end designer labels to more affordable mid-range brands. For sure, you can discover rare and stylish finds when you don't stick to one brand.

Why You Should Organize Your Closet

Aside from the tips mentioned earlier, another thing that you should consider is organizing your wardrobe. It is essential to keep your clothes in order so that you can easily pick stylish apparel. To keep your closet clean and organized, start by decluttering all the unnecessary items that you don't wear. These may include garments that don't fit anymore. You can donate them or make a fashion swap with your friends. In this way, you can have new clothes to wear.

Another tip when organizing your wardrobe is by sorting the items into categories. Doing so allows you to find the clothes you’re looking for instantly. Hang the clothes that need to be hung and fold the others. You may consider investing in shoe racks to keep your shoes organized. Don't forget to have a box or storage for your fashion accessories like wooden sunglasses, necklaces, and other small things you wear. You will surely fall in love with the new look of your wardrobe after cleaning and categorizing the items.

Incorporating the fashion tips you learn allows you to keep looking fabulous anytime and anywhere. Whether you are staying at home or buying groceries in the supermarket, you can look presentable and flaunt your style. Dressing in chic clothes doesn't need to be expensive. You may still look great by using old clothes in your wardrobe. Do a mix and match, and you can make unique outfits and find the style that best reflects your personality.