7 Fashionable Ways to Wear Your Wooden Sunglass

If you are a fashion enthusiast or anyone who wants to look presentable all the time, It is important to be aware of the fashion trends. From having the must-have apparel to owning the classic accessories, it is also essential that you know how to wear them properly. When it comes to a unique item that looks trendy and stylish, many people are now considering having wooden sunglasses. If you have wooden eyewear, know that there are several ways on how you can wear it fashionably. 


Tips in Wearing Your Wooden Sunglass

Wooden sunglasses have been popular because of the unique material that can flatter any skin colour. A lot of people have been considering it because wooden eyewear is both eco-friendly and stylish. To look more flattering with this accessory, here are some tips:

Achieve a classic head look. There are a lot of individuals who wear a pair of sunglasses without actually wearing them. They do it by flipping the lenses up to the top of their heads. You can also do it if you don't want to wear your eyewear anymore. A classic head look is one of the simplest ways of using sunglasses indoors. Wayfarers are ideal for this style because it doesn't have a nosepiece that can get stuck in your hair. When achieving a classic head look, make sure that it is tight and will not fall off.

Be confident with your style. Many people follow a particular style that they have seen on TV or in magazines. The truth is, you can rock your style and match your wardrobe with your personality. Not all people like wearing high heels so you can be true to yourself by wearing your favourite sneakers. When it comes to accessories, you are free to choose a pair of sunglasses that can match your style. Whether you prefer a classic aviator or an iconic wayfarer, you can achieve a trendsetting look with wooden sunglasses.

Be unique with heart-shaped sunglasses. Some celebrities like Paris Hilton and Vanessa Hudgens are seen wearing heart-shaped sunglasses. This eyewear is a unique and chic style that many fashionistas have been eyeing for. If you want to try this trendsetting piece, then you can rock it with a simple outfit. To achieve a smart look, pair your heart-shaped sunglasses with fewer accessories and colours. Another stylish way to look fashionable is to opt for elongated heart-shaped eyewear. This style is a must-try because it has been popular on many street-style blogs.

Find the perfect sunglass shape that complements your face shape. There are nine common face shapes that anyone could have, depending on the facial features. You may have a diamond, heart, inverted triangle, oblong, oval, round, rectangular, square, or even a triangle face shape. It is vital to identify which of these characterize your face so that you can pick the eyewear that matches it. Know that there are different sunglasses and finding the right pair of sunnies can help you look better. Wooden sunglasses are incredibly fashionable, and you can become more stylish when you wear the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape.

Minimize accessories and colours. Wooden eyewear can compliment any colour, both skin tones and apparel hues. These sunglasses can be easily paired with when you wear fewer accessories and colours. For instance, you can nail wooden sunglasses by wearing a simple loose t-shirt and stylish necklace for a casual look. If you are fond of classic aviator sunglasses, then you can pair it with a collared shirt. For an elegant look, try to match your eyewear with a lovely dress and a classy scarf. When it comes to wooden eyewear, there are many styles that you can explore.

Look fabulous with your oversized sunglasses. Who says you can't nail an oversized pair of sunglasses? Many fashionistas use this style to make a fashion statement. Oversized sunglasses became popular in the 1960s. It was made prominent when First Lady Jackie Kennedy started to wear this eyewear. Nowadays, wood crafters incorporate this iconic style into wooden sunglasses. In this way, you can become more stunning using a pair of eco-friendly accessories. When wearing an oversized wooden sunglass, consider the following tips:

- Pick sunglasses that can show your eyebrows. Some people buy sunglasses that is too big for them. Usually, the accessory covers their eyebrows. If this happens, the overall effect of using oversized eyewear will not be achieved. So make sure to wear it without covering your brows.

- The oversized wooden sunglasses should provide comfort. The right pair of sunnies should not look too big and feel too heavy when worn. Also, the glasses should not rise off your nose bridge when you change your expression. Try to do a smile test to see if the eyewear sits perfectly on your face.

- The right pair of oversized sunglasses should sit comfortably on your face. The frames should not touch your cheeks. To check if you have the right pair, try to make a simple grin. If the frames touch your cheeks, then the eyewear is too big for your face. Besides, also look for an accessory that will not dominate your face. It means the frames of the sunglasses should not look wider than your face.

Lure the crowd with a hooked look. Other than the classic head look, there's another way to use your wooden sunglasses. You can hook your pair of sunnies to your shirt so that you can freely move your head with fewer worries of falling your accessory. Getting a hooked look is a simple way of rocking your outfit.


A pair of wooden sunglasses is a classic accessory that you can wear both indoors and outdoors. There are several ways to use it. When wearing this iconic piece, make sure that it matches your fashion statement. Staying positive with your chosen style can also help boost your self-esteem. So make sure to be confident while wearing your iconic wooden sunglass.