9 Eco-Friendly Gifts for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is fast approaching. It is significant to prepare yourself before the awaited celebration happens. Exchanging presents could be a common practice for some, but you can make it more meaningful by thinking of an ideal gift that could make your loved ones happy. As a sign of gratitude, you can gift them with something memorable. Although it could be challenging to pick a gift, there are numerous ways on how you can show your love and appreciation to people who are special to you.

Eco-Friendly Gift ideas

There's plenty of gift ideas that you could choose from. You may opt for non-material presents like treating your family or friends on a vacation trip or joining them in a simple dinner. On the other hand, you can give them a physical gift which they can treasure. It doesn't have to be expensive because there are a lot of affordable and eco-friendly items that you can find. Scout the list below and try to pick the best gift for your special someone:

Bamboo Kitchen Accessories - Gift your mons, grandmas, and any cooking enthusiast you know with bamboo kitchen accessories. Bamboo is one of the sustainable plants; that's why many artisans craft products out of this natural material. From bamboo utensils to plates and bowls, anyone who loves cooking will like these kitchen accessories. It is because bamboo helps prevent bacteria growth. Not only that, but they also absorb less liquid, unlike other materials.

Beeswax Candles - Although candles may sound as unusual gifts, these items are excellent decors. Your friends can use them as centre table pieces, or as ornamentation for their candlelight dinner. Apart from being decorations, most of them provide a lovely scent when lit. The advantage of buying beeswax candles is that they are non-toxic, meaning they are suitable for the environment. Other than that, beeswax candles are safe to use and recognized as a sustainable candle option.

Knitted Beanies and Scarves - The holiday season brings cold weather. Consider giving your pals with knitted beanies and scarves to protect their head and neck from cold. They will surely want to wear these fashionable items because most of the beanies and scarves today are made of sustainable materials. Some utilize 100% recycled plastic bottles to reduce the billions of plastics that end up in landfills and waterways.

Mason Jars - From coffee to tea, your friends will surely love drinking their favourite beverages from a beautiful mason jar. It is a must-have for those who want a drink-on-the-go. Using mason jars can help your friends get rid of disposable plastic or paper cups. Usually, a mason jar comes with a straw set, which is also reusable. With this essential item, you and your friends don't have to feel guilty about using cups and straws.

Potted Indoor Plants - Give your family and friends potted indoor plants this Yuletide season. These are excellent presents for those who are fond of taking care of plants. These gifts are incredible decorations to coffee tables and work desks. Apart from being lovely adornments, they can also provide some health benefits. Indoor plants can improve air quality because they get rid of toxins in the air. They also act as a humidifier which can improve your mood. Indoor plants are also exceptional items for home improvement and relaxation. 

Silicone Food Storage Bags - Say goodbye to plastic sandwich bags because you can now find silicone food storage bags. Your mom will like this item because it is reusable and safe to use. The good thing about this kitchen accessory is it comes in all sizes and colours. These eco-friendly bags do not only act as food storage, but they can also be used for cooking, boiling eggs, for instance, and freezing foods. Besides, you can also bring silicone bags on your next vacation trip. Try to include this item in your list of eco-friendly travel accessories.

Synthetic Blanket - Camping is one of the exciting activities that anyone may love. For campers, having a comfy blanket is a must-have. If you have a friend who likes camping, then gift him/her with a synthetic blanket. Try to look for a blanket made of 100% post-consumer recycled insulation. Usually, this material traps warmth inside the several air pockets which preserve the heat. The synthetic blanket is not only ideal for camping but to travelling as well.

Wooden Sunglass - Give your friends a pair of wooden sunglass. It is an essential accessory that can help protect their eyes. Accessories made of wood are environment-friendly. It is because wood, itself, is a sustainable material. Besides, this stylish eyewear is a unique present because of the distinct wood patterns. Polarized wooden sunglasses are also perfect for the holiday season because they can protect your eyes through glare reduction. If you have a friend who is allergic to metals or plastics, then the wood could be the best material for sunglass frames that you can gift as an alternative.

Wooden Watch - Another wood product that can be used anytime is a wooden watch. It is a stylish accessory that is made of sustainable woods. Nowadays, wearing a timepiece is essential for some because it is not only used to tell time. There are so-called smartwatches that can also monitor your heart rate and other significant fitness statistics. Another good thing about the wooden watch is it's a gift for all occasions.

You can enjoy gift-giving while being environment-friendly at the same time. Choosing eco-friendly presents such as beeswax candles and wooden sunglasses allows you to express your love not only to your special someone and to Nature as well.