A guide to choosing the perfect pair of wooden sunglasses for your face shape.

It's summertime, so it's time to break out the sunglasses! But with so many different styles and shapes of sunglasses available, how do you know which pair is right for you? This guide will show you how to choose the perfect pair of wooden sunglasses based on your face shape. So whether you're looking for a trendy new style or simply want to protect your eyes from the sun, read on for tips on picking the perfect pair of wooden sunglasses.

Oval face shape.

An oval face shape has a few defining features that make it relatively easy to recognize. An oval face is longer than wide, and the jawline curves gently at the chin. This type of face shape generally has balanced proportions and high cheekbones, and sunglasses look best on this kind of visage. Those with oval faces have a vast selection of eyewear choices but should look for sunglasses with squared-off corners or angles that help to add balance to the length of the face. Those looking to accessorize an oval-shaped face would find sunglasses their go-to accessory as they can show off their natural beauty.


Oblong face shape.

An oblong face shape gives a long and narrow appearance, making sunglasses an essential accessory for balance. Opt for sunglasses that feature dynamic curves when choosing sunglasses to flatter a face with this shape. This can be achieved by opting for sunglasses with round or oval lenses instead of square-framed sunglasses, which can give the face an even longer look. Additionally, other features such as thicker frames and bright colors can add interest to a face that is noticeably long in proportion. With these subtle modifications and careful consideration of size and fit, sunglasses become more than just a style statement. They become a tool to create harmony in the strong lines of an oblong face shape.

Round face shape.

Those with a round face often have soft, gentle features and symmetrical proportions. The easiest way to complement this shape is to pick sunglasses that create contrast and visual interest, like aviators or square frames. With your sunglasses choice, you can balance out the curves of your face, add definition around your eyes, and accentuate the natural beauty of your look. When shopping for sunglasses with a round face shape, it's important to remember these tips so you can find the perfect pair that best suits your style!


Square face shape.

Square face shapes are renowned for their angular characteristics, with a broadly proportioned jawline and a broad forehead. This gives sunglasses donned on square-faced people an extra flourish of style and flair. Hollywood stars such as Ryan Gosling and Bruce Willis are prime examples of how sunglasses can bring out the best in a person with a square face shape. Square-face shapes are prevalent due to their exact proportions, meaning sunglasses can make the perfect addition to any outfit. Whether cat eye sunglasses, acetate frames or rimless sunglasses, glasses add retro glamour or modern sophistication to any ensemble that a square face may be wearing.


Rectangle/long face shape.

Rectangle/long face shape sunglasses should be chosen very carefully. Those with this face shape tend to have solid jawlines and long faces that require sunglasses frames with visual interest and bottom-heavy styles. Bold shapes and bright colors help to add more balance. They can make a stylish statement - perfect for the fashion-forward individual. To ensure you find sunglasses that suit your face shape, look out for styles that are wider than deep. This will help break up the linearity of a rectangular shape and create more reflections on the surface area of your face, helping to give you a unique aesthetic. So, step out into the sunshine in style today!


Diamond face shape.

The diamond face shape is a unique facial silhouette identified by its defined widow's peak hairline and narrow chin. This shape has the widest cheekbones of all the other face shapes, and sunglasses are an excellent accessory for individuals with diamond faces. The right sunglasses can emphasize this trait rather than conceal it; wayfarer frames, in particular, work especially well by creating the illusion of even wider cheekbones, while sunglasses with ultra-thin frames help draw attention to delicate features. Because diamond-shaped faces come in all different sizes and proportions, it is important to consider what frames best suit your features before committing to a new pair of sunglasses.


Heart-shaped face

Heart-shaped faces are the envy of many, characterized by a narrow chin and wide forehead that create an honestly stunning silhouette. To best compliment these features, sunglasses with a broader frame are suggested to help balance things out and emphasize the strong jawline. Additionally, sunglasses with rounded or diamond frames also look great! Sunglasses provide an additional layer of protection from the sun's rays for these facial shapes. However, they can be seen as emphasizing their natural beauty. Even if you often choose sunglasses just for their style, don't forget the key to finding ones that will flatter your unique features - knowing what suits you best is half the battle!


Triangular or inverted triangle face shape

When it comes to sunglasses, those with a triangular or inverted triangle shape face should be careful in their choice. This shape requires sunglasses emphasizing the brow line while countering the smaller chin area. Retro sunglasses and aviator frames are great choices because they offer a larger upper frame, and "cat-eye" sunglasses should be avoided as they can make your face look even more triangular. Furthermore, sunglasses with colored lenses are especially flattering as they draw attention away from the wider top portion of your face. With the right pair of sunglasses, you can turn your unique triangle face shape into an accessory you love!


Sunglasses are a great way to accessorize any outfit. They can be especially helpful in brightening up a square or rectangular face. While many different types of sunglasses are available on the market, it is essential to choose frames that best suit your individual features. Today we have looked at four different face shapes, and which styles of sunglasses look best on each one. Rectangle/long faces should go for bottom-heavy types with bold shapes and bright colors. In contrast, diamond-shaped faces should look for narrower frames emphasizing their widest feature - the cheekbones. Heart-shaped faces should stick to wider frames that will balance out their chin width. Triangular or inverted triangle-shaped faces should avoid cat eye sunglasses and colored lenses. With so many options available, everyone can find a perfect pair of sunglasses that protect their eyes from the sun and enhance their natural beauty!