Different Accessories Made of Wood

Nowadays people are more conscious when it comes to how their accessories, clothes and shoes are made of. With the use of modern technology, people are now finding ways on how to improve their craft and you will be surprised that these were created with the amazing material to suit our functional and aesthetic needs. Check out these accessories which are made of wood.

Wooden Bracelet 

Gone are the days that men and women use metal or copper as an accessory. In today fashion, there are accessories made of wood and they are giving justice to your everyday outfit. Wooden bracelets complete each fashion, underline the personality and provide a unique style to the wearer. It can also be a friendship bracelet used before by youth, as it creates a special connection with the wearers.


Combining unique wood to create a fashionable bag is now the trend with so many issues on how we can preserve the environment. More designers are now blown away on how they can make their products unique. According to one designer, they are always after to make their philosophy simple. They create authentic bags made of wood from selected reclaimed material. By respecting their roots, each creation of their bags is unique as serial number has to be written on a bag or a satchel.


In early history, the Dutch are usually seen wearing wooden shoes or commonly called "clogs" since medieval times. They are originally made with a wooden sole and a leather top. The shoes eventually evolved and began to be made entirely from wood to protect the whole foot. Wooden shoe wearer claims the shoes are warm in the winter, cold in summer and provide support for good posture. 

The wooden shoe also absorbs perspiration so that foot can breathe easily. In today modern era, designers were able to find ways on how they can craft a unique wooden shoe. This allows fashions designers to make their designs more complex. Some had made use of organic woods like a cork to create loafers. In our era, cork shoes are an excellent alternative to leather in terms of richness in colour, texture and durability.


When topics about watches are being discussed, we often think about durability because these are made of metal. Watches made of wood are entirely different because they are soft and flexible. But did you know that having a watch made of wood has a lot of benefits? Let us find out about the benefits of it. 

Eco-Friendly. It's like merely saying that you are contributing to saving mother earth. Since wood requires less energy to process, woods absorb carbon dioxide from the air. Therefore by wearing it, you are helping to clean the air as this removes the chemicals from the environment.

Good for your skin. Wooden watches are chemical free so you don't have to worry about having direct contact on your skin that can result in harmful effects to your everyday lifestyle. The thing about this watch is the improved crafting process and better finish formula. Buying wooden wood does not have to involve health hazards.  

Nickel Free. Aside from non-toxic, it is also nickel free. Nickel is found in metal and one of the leading cause of allergies. So if you have a wooden watch, you don't need to worry about your nickel allergies.

It's one of a kind. The aesthetic appeal of natural wood is one of a kind. This gives you the opportunity to wear a unique and one of a kind product. Since every wood is different, you'll find that each wooden watch is crafted with a unique creation. No one else will have an identical watch similar to yours.

Wood is a fantastic material. Like your furniture in your home, wood is a fantastic material, its colours and textures improve over time. When you put your watch, your skin's natural oils gradually contribute to the changes in the wood. You will be amazed how it looks over time. Unlike plastics and metal watches that wear down over time, wooden watches age beautifully.

It is lightweight but durable. The important thing is that it gives the wearer less resistance and more mobility to move around.

Can adapt with your style. They say that wood is the newest fashion trend and some say that it is a trend to stay. Wooden watches can be worn everywhere, unlike metals that you have to match when wearing your dress while plastic watches for recreations. The opportunity to wear something unique, unusual and common gives you a touch of class and sophistication in your style. Wearing a wooden watch becomes the object of admiration because of its unique style.

Reduces stress. Many people claim that wearing a wooden watch can reduce stress and give them more power. They feel more connected to nature and a sense of absolute peace and harmony. If worn close to the body it can deploy its full potential and can support the wearer in stressful situations.

At WoodWear, some watches are made from wood. Nature and style when combined have a significant impact on how you are perceived as a person. It creates a nature-friendly aura while wearing it. Having the right quality in any items that you are wearing gives you freedom and confidence. Knowing how it is made is somewhat vital as it affects your well-being.

I find it unique when WoodWear was integrated into a wood watch design. We all know that when trees are turned into a wood product, they continue to store carbon. In turn, I believe that by patronizing this product, we are preventing climate change and the greenhouse effect.

What defines the WoodWear watch is the ability to combined nature into an accessory. We know for a fact that being surrounded by wood has a positive effect. It has a positive impact on one’s health. You might not notice it buy it can improve your emotional state of mind. It can also balance the air quality, that is why it has an impact on easy breathing. Indeed it creates an organic sense but with style.