Easter Gift Ideas: Wooden Watch for Men

Easter is an annual celebration that is observed in most Christian countries, including Canada. This religious occasion is fast approaching, and a lot of people are excited about it. This 2020, Canadians will celebrate Easter Sunday on April 12th. It is expected that many individuals will be busy preparing for this special event. Probably, there would be people buying Easter-related items such as egg-shaped chocolates. Others might be looking for Easter baskets where they could place their gifts. If you are planning to celebrate Easter, then you may consider buying your loved ones Easter gifts. Besides the typical items that you can offer to your family and friends, there are other Easter gift ideas that you may consider.

Why Do People Celebrate Easter

Before you obtain and share some Easter gift ideas, it is vital to learn first why people celebrate Easter. Knowing what the celebration is all about and how it started could give you a better understanding of it. Other than that, you may also learn the essence of giving Easter gifts, especially to kids. The question is, "What is Easter, and why do people celebrate it?" Easter is a religious holiday celebrated by Christians across the globe. Typically, this season falls in springtime. This event commemorates the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

During the Easter celebration, you may notice some similar traditions in many countries such as dyeing eggs, decorating baskets, and hunting for Easter eggs. You may also see that bunnies have been a symbol for the religious celebration. Most kids believe that an Easter bunny who gives baskets of gifts on Easter morning exists. For adults, part of their holiday is to enjoy sumptuous meals, including Easter lamb. You might be asking yourself, "Why do all of these things have become part of the celebration?" As mentioned earlier, Easter usually happens in spring. Even before, rabbits and eggs have been symbols for fertility. Easter baskets have also been used in the event.

What to Include in Easter Baskets

Aside from adults, most children are also excited about Easter. Little kids are looking forward to the Easter bunny carrying baskets of goodies and treats. So what do baskets symbolize? It is believed that Eostre, the Germanic fertility goddess, would bring a basket. It contains eggs to encourage fertility, symbolizing new life. Most Christians adopted it. That's why they incorporate giving Easter baskets in the event. Usually, they are filled with chocolates in the form of eggs. The Easter eggs are also dyed with colourful hues. These are hidden for children to find. You can continue this tradition, but to make it more special, you can add items that your loved ones will surely like. Easter is an excellent opportunity to thank them and make them feel special. If you want your father, husband, partner, or boyfriend to feel extra special, then giving him a wooden watch could be an excellent idea.

Choosing Wood Watches for Men as Easter Gifts

There are many things that symbolize Easter, such as baskets, bunnies, candles, eggs, lilies, and many more. Though giving a wooden watch may sound irrelevant, wood has a spiritual meaning. It symbolizes good merit that proceeds from the Divine Human of the Lord. A wooden timepiece could be an ideal gift to tell your loved ones that they are worthy and their lives matter. Other than the religious symbolism, wood items like wooden watches also provide some benefits to the wearer such as the following:

#1 A wood watch has good quality. Unlike watches made from machines, most wooden watches are handcrafted. Watchmakers utilize quality materials and make every timepiece unique and stylish. Every wood has distinct patterns, so you'll guarantee that what you have is different from the other watches. Another good thing about a wooden timepiece is the variety of neutral hues that go well with any of your outfit's colours. 

#2 A wood watch makes you look more professional. In today's modern world, where there is a continuous demand for gadgets, many people tend to use their smartphones to check the time. Though it may sound convenient for some individuals, the truth is you may look unprofessional, especially at work. It is because, in the office, you have to stay focused and keep yourself from distractions like these gadgets. With a wooden timepiece, your man can quickly check the time on his wrist without opening his phone. Since it is made of wood, you can ensure that he will like it since it complements any skin tone.

#3 A wood watch provides comfort. Unlike metal watches, wood is less dense, making the timepiece lightweight. Though the internal materials are metal, the whole accessory itself is lighter compared to other watches. Wearing a timepiece is more comfortable compared to other bulky accessories. It can feel like you are not wearing a timepiece at all. Not only that, but wood is hypoallergenic, meaning it can be worn by those who have sensitive skin.

#4 A wood watch supports your cause. If you are an advocate of using eco-friendly products, then a wooden watch is an excellent gift idea. Since it is made of sustainable material, you will not feel guilty about availing of this product. Wood is a renewable source, and most wood watch companies ensure that the materials used in producing their products are replaced. Opting for environment-friendly products can help you save the natural ecosystem.

Easter has always been a special occasion for Christians all over the world. This religious event commemorates the resurrection of Christ, teaching people to give importance to life. Like in other countries, Easter traditions are continuously observed. Easter is an excellent opportunity to spend time with your relatives and friends. You can make them feel special on the occasion by giving them Easter baskets filled with treats and gifts. When it comes to gift ideas, you always have the option to add other exciting items like a wooden watch. This timepiece is an ideal gift especially if you want to show how you value your time with your loved ones.