Eco-Friendly Accessories: Defining Style from Nature

It’s great to know that people are now getting more aware of how to value our Mother Nature and utilize environment-friendly materials. We are also learning how to save resources, recycle some of them, and make valuable things from the materials we get from the environment. Some of the eco-friendly materials that we are embracing today are accessories, kitchenware, home decors, home tools, clothing, and a lot more.

Importance of Being Eco-Friendly

It’s no secret that if people become aware of how to take care of the environment, the benefits will be boundless. Thanks to the creativity and innovative ideas of designers and young minds we have today. For instance, eco-fashion is now becoming a big trend. Eco-friendly clothing and accessories are using love, unique patterns, and attractive colours. Not only that, we are saving our environment when we prefer to recycle and reuse materials that can be collected from resources provided by our Mother Nature.

Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Accessories

Many companies are producing eco-friendly clothing and home products today. They are cost-efficient and helps promote sustainability. They reduce the use of chemicals and other energy.

Aside from that, manufacturers are also continuing to create eco-friendly decors. Other products include rugs, towels, cooking essentials, shower curtains, beddings, silverware, clocks, dishwares, blinds, and fashion accessories.


Eco-Friendly Accessories Ideas: All Lovely, All Trendy (plus other items)

The world is so lucky to have been blessed by abundant Nature. Here are some of the interesting items and products which are environment-friendly.

#1 Clothing from Recycled Fabric

Some companies are now producing clothing that is made from recycled materials. The processes that they utilize are sustainable and environment-friendly since they reduce the method of dye application, water and energy usage.

#2 Wool Footwear

The footwear industry today offers different stylish and innovative designs of shoes, sandals, and other footwear.  One example of these is the shoes which are made from wool fabric. They are comfortable to wear and durable as compared to those which are made of cheaper synthetics.

#3 Wooden Watches

Wooden watches are now becoming the new trend people love today. They are commonly made from 100% recycled timber such as teak, maple wood, coffee, mahogany, and Indian rosewood. They do not have toxic chemicals like other types of watches in the market. WoodWear Canada is one of the stores offering high-quality wooden watches today.

#4 Wooden Sunglasses

Looking for a stylish way to look great and becomes environment-friendly as well? You can do that with a stylish pair of wooden sunglasses. This helps reduce plastic pollution and promotes sustainability since wooden sunglasses are made from materials such as cotton-based acetate, repurposed skateboard decks, and FSC-certified woods.

There are few better ways to look good and reduce your plastic pollution than with a stylish pair of wooden sunglasses.

#5 Eco-Friendly Computer Accessories

Yes, there are also computer accessories, including mice, cases, and keyboards which are manufactured from environment-friendly materials.

#6 Stainless Steel Drink Bottles

Drink bottles nowadays come in different styles and are made from various materials. It’s good to know that environment-friendly stainless bottles are now available in the market. They are safe and sustainable, commonly 100% BPA-free.  Perfect for carrying your favourite drinks while you’re on the go!

#7 Fashionable Rings Made from Recycled Precious Minerals and Metals

There are rings which are intricately-designed from materials derived from precious recycled metals. They are stylish, gorgeous, and go well with the current fashion trends. No wonder, more and more designers are keeping and loving those items!

#8 Wooden Earrings

Who wouldn’t love wooden earrings which showcase both beauty and fashion? There are lovely wooden earrings available today which come in different sizes, styles, patterns, and colours – all perfect for the kind of style you want to achieve.

#9 Wooden Necklaces

Not only earrings and apparels can be made from pieces of woods. They can be turned into amazingly designed jewelry. Designers and manufacturers are creating lovely pendants and other parts of necklaces by sanding wood pieces and then stained them with non-toxic elements. The most common types of wood used are cherry, ash, and maple.

#10 Eco-friendly, Biodegradable Garden Pots

Accessorize your garden with beautifully-designed pots made from recycled materials. In that way, your garden will be free from rubber and plastic pollution.

#11 Lovely Pouches Made from Recycled Bike Tubes

You can also find adorable pouches made from recycled materials such as bike tubes. You can carry your belongings and other accessories inside the pouch, and still become a head-turner. These pouches are also designed with lovely prints so it will become part of your daily outfit.

#12 Eco-Friendly Phone Accessories

You might be wondering how phone accessories can also be eco-friendly. Some companies are now starting to manufacture bioplastic phone cases to reduce the alarming amount of plastic phone accessories and packaging today.

#13 Environment-Friendly Bags

We all know that bags are part of the daily outfit, especially for women. That’s why concerned citizens have initiated to create designs of handbags and clutches that will not only showcase various designs but also to instill awareness when it comes to eco-fashion.

#14 Eco-Friendly Hats and Caps

There are also eco-friendly hats and caps for the whole family. They can be made from recycled plastic bottles, recycled organic fibre, and bamboo fibre. What’s more amazing with these is that they can be personalized, customized, or embroidered with print designs and logo inclusions.

#15 Eco-Friendly Handmade Headbands

Ladies will surely love these! Handmade headbands are one of the favourite accessories to complement the outfit. They can be made of recyclable fabrics, recycled plastics, and even from beverage bottles.

#16 Eco-Friendly Belts

Belts can also be made from environment-friendly materials such as Eucalyptus fibres, hemp, and recycled polyester, and turn them into gorgeous and durable straps and belts.

#17 Eco-friendly Scarves

Scarves can also be made from natural materials such as cotton, silk, wool, and other biodegradable materials. You’ll be amazed how they can be turned into colourful and fashionable scarves.

The materials that we choose to use can make a significant impact on society. That’s why we should be responsible for creating and using them. Prefer to use the products that will not cause further damage to our environment. Learn how to recycle; be creative in turning them into new, useful products. Not only that, but you can also earn from them by being a part of creating accessories and other items from what our Nature offers.