Eco-Friendly Products For Home & Office Use

Ecological footprint and buying eco-friendly products are both trends nowadays. An ecological footprint is described as a measure of human demand on the earth's environment. People are now more conscious when it comes to earth-friendly habits.

Good thing, there are ways to prevent drastic effects in our environment, and one is by eliminating the use of harmful products. By choosing to use eco-friendly products, all of us can contribute to protecting the environment. Coffee cups and plastic food wrappers are just examples of the things that are detrimental to our environment.

We can help prevent the damage they can bring to the environment through proper disposal and eliminating the frequent use of such materials. If we want to protect our environment, we need to replace some of the items we are using every day to be more eco-friendly. Generally, it should not only be done at the office but also from our homes as this is where the foundation of being eco-friendly should start.

Some people say and believe that an eco-friendly space to work and occupy requires a lot of money. But that is not always true because there are tons of products and items that are eco-friendly products designed not only to save money but also to save the planet.

What Are Eco-friendly or Sustainable Products?

Eco-friendly or sustainable products are those that are produced using raw materials that are not harmful to the health and environment. These provide social and economic benefits while protecting the environment with a safe process in the production of products.

What Are the Eco-Friendly Products Used in an Office and Home?

To help us better with our daily and environmentally friendly activities, we need products that are sustainable for the environment. Using eco-friendly products that are not within the budget can be solved by finding out the ways and processes on how they can be used wisely.

Making a research on other ways to sustain eco-friendly practices can also help as this will give additional information on how to create eco-friendly products and sustainable alternatives.  Here are some of the tips that we can start in our office and home today.

Recycled Paper Products. Reusable shopping bags made from recycled products is one of the excellent examples used in groceries and supermarket. Papers are often being used, and somehow, it is challenging to let go because this is one of the essential items we use every day and becomes a necessity.

Light Sensors. We are all guilty of leaving a room with the light turned on, causing a lot of energy to be wasted. Aside from having discipline, another right solution to prevent this is to use a motion sensor light. This is very particular in an office set-up. This is because employees sometimes tend to forget switching the light off. The good thing about light sensors is that this has upgraded to new technology and some of the new light sensors can now sense if there is enough natural light in the room allowing the sensor to dim the light.

LED Lights. LED lights are eco-friendly and efficient light bulbs in the market. These can be more expensive as compared to other types of lights. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and can consume 90% less power than an incandescent lamp, which is why it has a dramatic decrease in power costs; thus, saving money and energy.

Solar Power. Solar power is one of the best and biggest alternatives to saving electricity. It can power up your home and office environment. What's good with solar power is that it has no direct greenhouse gas emission because the energy is just coming from the sunlight. Today, solar power expanded its role not only as a source of energy but also for gadgets. Solar gadgets are now can be used both in the home and office to save electricity. With sunlight as a renewable energy source, solar energy will never run out. It will continue to serve as one of the power sources and sustainable products.

Biodegradable Packaging. Waste and breakdown of packaging that is produced through harmful chemicals are one of the biggest concerns nowadays in the environment. Biodegradable plastics are now being used compared to the traditional packaging because it can be disposed of naturally. When using biodegradable products, you can be free from allergens and toxins. Most importantly, it requires few resources because it has the potential to reduce water usage, solid waste, electricity and emission.

Green Tips to Sustain Eco-Friendly Environment

Since we have an idea on what product can help the good environment, our next step is to know how to sustain it when it comes to the product that we are using up to the ways that we need to do to protect the environment. The guide below can help provide green tips that are easy to implement and will make a considerable and significant difference.

1.- Encourage the use of glass mugs instead of paper cups and plastics for drinking. It just takes seconds to wash a mug, that’s why it’s more practical to use.
2.- Implement a paperless office by printing a document that is necessary only. Use emails and other online communication when it comes to correspondence.
3.- Turn off your computer when not in use.
4.- Keep computer equipment well-maintained and updated to ensure quality and efficiency.
5.- Turn off the lights when not in use. It can save money and electricity having the lights off when not in use in the meeting rooms or washroom.
6.- Replace standard incandescent bulbs with LED. LED uses 75% less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs while delivering the same light output.

Eco-friendly products, practices and sustainability only meant to protect our natural environment. It is a concern to drive innovation as this will help and sustain the environment, and not compromise our way of life. Our society is becoming more aware of how to take care of the environment; that is why it also important that individuals must make a collective move to help reach the sustainability goals of the world.