Eco-Friendly Tips: Things You Can Do In The Workplace

A workplace must be a comfortable space for every member of the organization. This is where creative ideas and inputs are put together and where successful results are created. As workplaces become more innovative, it’s also a great idea that we start making it more eco-friendly.


What Are The Benefits Of Going Green in the Workplace?

There are a lot of benefits going environment-friendly in the workplace can bring. Some of these include:

#1 Employees work more happily. When space, where people work, is comfortable, there will be ease in doing their jobs. There will be less stress, and that leads to a happier work environment.

#2 The company save a lot of money, time and resources. When employees learn to go for sustainability and going green, then the company can save a lot of their resources. They are also promoting a way of protecting the environment.

#3 Productivity and efficiency. A healthy and eco-friendly environment helps people to become more productive and efficient in their works.


Tips On How You Can Make An Eco-Friendly Workplace

Every member of a team or organization must be capable and responsible for how to help a workplace can be environment-friendly. Below are some of the helpful tips to make your work environment a healthy and great place to work.


  1. Utilize electricity wisely. Just like at home, you need to use electrical equipment properly. Computers, photocopiers, printers, and other electrical items must be utilized wisely. Do not let them turned on when not in use. You also need to make sure that equipment such as computers and monitors are set to their most efficient energy settings. Switch off the lights when leaving a room.


  1. Practice the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). This practice has helped to save the environment. That is why it will be beneficial if this can also be practiced in the workplace. Reduce the use of papers or other materials that can be harmful to the environment. Reuse cups and container to avoid frequent buying of new ones. Do recycling as well. Some plastic cups can be turned into accessories in your table. Just a little creativity and time do work on such stuff, and you’ll have new items in the workplace while saving Mother Nature.


  1. Use non-toxic cleaning agents. Cleaning products are very much available in the market today. However, we should be cautious in choosing the ones that we will use at home and the workplace. In case you are planning to get in touch with a cleaning company to do the work in your office, then ask them to use eco-friendly cleaning products. This will not only save Mother Earth but can also save money because eco-friendly cleaning products are less expensive.


  1. Consider using renewable energy. Nowadays, solar and wind energy is becoming more accessible, thus, giving companies the chance to use renewable energy. This helps companies to be more cost-efficient and energy-saving.


  1. Use eco-friendly office products. You can have in your workplace eco-friendly items like recycled paper, non-toxic highlighters, refillable ink cartridges, and reusable glasses.


  1. Working at Home. There are companies nowadays that prefer to have their employees work in the comfort of their home. Telecommuting, virtual assistance, and freelancing can be some examples of that setup. Working at home has a lot of benefits, such as less transportation, fewer expenses, and saving more natural energy. This also helps reduce pollution and offers flexibility to the employees.
  1. Encourage your co-workers to use eco-friendly transportation. For employees who regularly come to work, it will be a great idea to encourage the use of public transit, carpooling, walking and biking. This practice will help in reducing the harmful effects on the environment. Walking has also been proven to be a healthy way to promote wellness and active lifestyle.


  1. Go for ‘paperless office’. It’s hard to eliminate paper use in the office. But it can be possible to lessen the printed materials when possible. Print documents only when needed. Also, double-check your document for possible errors before printing it. Utilize  100% of recycled paper products in the workplace.


  1. Use organic products in the office. It’s a great idea to choose organic coffees and teas for the cupboard. Also, since most office workers are commonly taking their beverages, they can be encouraged to bring their mugs or cups. That will save a lot of plastic use and other materials.


  1. Establish a sustainability team in the workplace. A team who will focus on going green and sustainable will be helpful in the workplace. This team can raise awareness and introduce tips on how to make the workplace safe and environment-friendly. They can also come up with the ideas on formulating new programs and decide on what energy-efficient equipment must be purchased.


  1. Create monthly eco-friendly challenges. A monthly challenge to go green and make the workplace sustainable can be a smart idea. This will not only make the employees motivated and challenged, but they will also be informed of how they can take care of the environment. They will become more responsible and learn the wonders of taking care of the environment can bring.


  1. Bring indoor plants. Plants bring a lot of benefits to the physical and emotional aspect of the people in the workplace. A desk plant such as succulents or cacti on a small pot can be an accessory as well. They add to the aesthetic effects of the whole environment. Plants produce oxygen and can block off dust and other harmful elements in the area. They also help in making the environment cleaner and create a comfortable space to work in.


Discipline is also a vital attitude to consider. When everyone has personal discipline, it will be easier to learn and apply environment-friendly tips. Going green in the workplace is not only making the company a safe and convenient place to work in, but it is also a way to save and nurture the environment supplying us with bountiful resources. It’s just fair and proper for us to take care of Mother Nature.