Fashion Trends to Embrace in 2020

Fashion trends become innovative as time passes by. Fashion designers get more creative by applying unique and interesting ideas to their clothing lines. Although there are classic pieces that never go out of style, you still have the option to try something new. Updating your wardrobe doesn't have to be expensive. Know that there are clothing pieces that are both affordable and stylish. Knowing what's in and out when it comes to the fashion industry can help you achieve a go-to look that matches your personality. Before the year 2020 began, some fashion icons have already thought of trendsetting looks that you can apply for the rest of the year.

In a post published by, several fashion trends in 2020 are introduced. There are iconic styles that will continue to become popular this year, such as stripes, leather, and puff sleeves. Fashion trends become innovative as time passes by. Fashion designers get more creative by applying unique and interesting ideas to their clothing lines.

How to Be Fashionable This 2020

While there is constant change in the fashion industry, there are some benefits that you can get from it. Aside from helping achieve a distinct look that can level up your style, it also allows you to be creative when it comes to combining the apparel pieces. Fashion gives you an opportunity to express yourself through dressing up in comfy apparel that speaks your personality. Being stylish doesn't have to be pricey. What you need is to be innovative and confident when it comes to wearing a clothing ensemble. If you are searching for different ways on how to keep up with the trends this year, here are some tips that you may apply:

Choose single-coloured outfits. Who says monochromatic neutrals are outdated? The truth is this stylish look stays this year. If you can't decide what to match with your top or bottom, then you may go for a clothing ensemble that only uses one colour. For single-coloured outfits, it is highly recommended to opt for neutral tones since they impose simplicity and elegance. For monochromatic neutrals, you can also wear fashionable accessories like an iconic wood watch and a pair of wooden sunglasses.

Go for prints. If your wardrobe is full of one-toned pieces, then maybe you could switch to prints. This year is the season to shop for printed apparel. Step out of your comfort zone by giving print trends a try. There are many prints available in the fashion industry. You can experiment with these options and look for the perfect style for you. If you are fond of vivid hues, then be bolder with tie-dye. For an eye-catching fashion ensemble, you may choose animal prints such as dalmatian or cheetah spots. If you like a feminine touch to your outfit, then go for floral prints. Other choices for prints include polka dots and tropical prints.

Pick a pinstripe suit. Some men find it challenging to wear a formal suit because they need to decide which colour matches their skin tone. Not only that, but they also have to choose the best pair of shoes and accessories that will make them look more stylish. If you want to level up your style this year, then a pinstripe suit could be your best pick for formal wear. A dark suit, together with a turtleneck, is highly suggested for semi-formal events. For business gatherings, then you may opt for a button-up shirt paired with a contrasting tie. If you are invited to a formal occasion, then a three-piece striped ensemble could be your best option.

Show some sparkle. Want to be a crowd favourite in the event? Start by wearing chic attire that can grab everyone's attention. Consider wearing a sparkling ensemble using glitter, metallics, and sequins. These sparkly items can be incorporated into slip dresses and pantsuits. Be more subtle when wearing high-shine wear to avoid being too extravagant on occasion. You can do this by pairing the right accessories that go well with sparkly pieces. For your guide, you can match metallic hues with earth tones and warm colours. For instance, you can pair bronze, gold, and rose gold with grey and silver. 


Switch to Bermuda shorts. If you are tired of the typical pants that you wear for casual events, then maybe you could switch to Bermuda shorts. It is knee-length pants that have become a trend before and are now coming back this 2020. For your next summer outfit, you may try matching Bermuda shorts and a pair of wooden sunglasses. Another fashionable choice is to pair it with a crop top - perfect for attending festivals and other gatherings. You can also style Bermuda shorts with prints.

Try on hot pants. If you are not fond of Bermuda shorts, then you may choose hot pants. This trendy piece first took off in the 1950s and continues to dominate the fashion industry throughout the years. Hot pants offer a sultry look, which you can try to attend parties and other festive celebrations. Many celebrities were seen wearing hot pants, including Beyonce, Selena Gomez, and Rihanna. If they can rock this stylish piece, you can also look stunning with it. To look good with hot pants on, you can pair it with a button-up blouse. On the other hand, you may opt for a silky blouse if your hot pants are made from a stiffer fabric.

Try oversized backpacks. Picking the right bag can help you complete a stylish look. From choosing the right size to the perfect colour, it is important to determine which bag can complement your fashion ensemble. Choosing an oversized backpack will not only help you stay with the fashion trends, but it can also modernize your look. Some celebrities were seen following this trendsetting piece, so maybe you can also give it a try.

Even before the start of 2020, many fashion stylists have come up with outfit ideas that can spice up your look. From affordable basics to luxury brands, there are many stylish concepts to choose from. To find the best fashion tips, all you need is to learn what's new on the runway and watch out for designers who give excellent advice when it comes to stylish looks. Another thing that you can do to get a unique look is to customize your style. Experiment with the clothes that you already have in your wardrobe. Mix and match some apparel and stay away from the conventional styling. Sometimes, breaking the fashion rules result in a trendsetting fashion statement.