Fun Facts Canada: Interesting Things About Watches and Clocks

Are you the type of person who loves wearing a watch? Or are you fond of collecting fashionable watches and clocks? If your answers to the questions are both "yes," for sure, you would love to know some exciting details about timepieces. Perhaps, you like to know who owns the most expensive watch in the world. Or maybe you would want to learn about the history of wearing this accessory. If you are ready to discover interesting things about watches, it's time to learn some facts about these accessories.

From Wall Clocks to Wristwatches

Watches, both wall clocks and wristwatches, are essential tools that keep people updated about time. Before, clocks were oversized and hung on the walls of houses and buildings. Back then when there were no wristwatches, people were having a hard time knowing what time it was. They have to look for the public clocks in the towns and villages they might end up with. As a watch lover, you can tell how difficult it is not to wear this essential accessory.

The good thing is that people in the 1700s found a way to carry the time with them.  According to Alexis McCrossen, a history professor at Southern Methodist University, these individuals started bringing portable watches which were secured using chains and straps. These accessories became a trend. That's why people began investing in them. During the mid to late 19th century, watches faced innovation as the time zones became standardized.

As time progressed, a wristwatch became a must-have. Women also included this accessory as part of their fashion statement. Today, you can see many people wearing wristwatches made of different materials - metal, wood, and plastic. These accessories also come in a wide range of colours and sizes. Watches vary in prices, but usually, their costs depend on the functionalities and the brand.

Guinness World Records About Watches

If you want to know the cheapest and most expensive watch in the world, finding it in the Guinness World Records could satisfy your curiosity. Besides, it holds other records relevant to watches and clocks. To help you, listed get informed, below are some interesting world records about these accessories:

#1 First Chronograph

Guinness World Records recognize Ateliers Louis Moinet to own the first chronograph. It was made by Louis Moinet in 1816 and is now owned by Ateliers Louis Moinet in Switzerland. The record was verified on June first, 2016. The exciting thing about the first-ever chronograph is that it was forgotten for almost two centuries in a European prince's private collection. It was rediscovered in 2012 and was sold to Jean-Marie Schaller, the CEO of the Ateliers Louis Moinet. The first chronograph was sold in an auction in Geneva, Switzerland.

#2 Largest Collection of Clocks

If you have a collection of more than 1,509 clocks, you can beat the record for the largest clocks collection. Jack Schoff from the USA got this record on February eighth, 2010. He owns 1,509 different working clocks that are displayed at his house. Schoff has been a clock collector since 2003. Among his collections include cuckoo clocks, grandfather clocks, mantle clocks, pendulum clocks, and schoolhouse clocks.

#3 Largest Collection of Talking Clocks

Having a total number of 782 talking clocks, Mark McKinley owns the record for having the largest collection of these devices. He started the collection in 1990. All of his collections are kept in his house in Amherst, OH, USA.

#4 Longest Chain of Watches

If you are a watch collector, you will surely be amazed at how a watch brand in India displayed their collections of this accessory. Fastrack - Titan Company LTD holds the record of having the longest watches that comprise 2,018 timepieces. They got the record in December 2018 in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India. Fastrack attempted the record in regard to their 20 years of being a youth watch brand. The chain of watches consisted of a wide range of timepiece collections from the brand itself. Some of these had either silicone or leather straps that interlocked the individual prices. The overall length of the chain of watches is 1,192 ft and 6.99 in.

Officially Amazing! Set or Break A Record

Do you want to have a Guinness World Record? If you are interested in setting or breaking a record, here are some available options to choose from. Who knows, you can be the next person to become Officially Amazing!

#1 Largest Watch Store

If you own a watch store, you can apply a record to hold the largest watch store in the world. It will be measured in terms of floor area considering the square metres (m²) to the nearest 0.001 m². Interested applicants should have a registered business.

#2 Most Expensive Watch

If you will check the website of Guinness World Records, the organization is still looking for someone who has the most expensive watch. They are looking for the highest price a commercially available watch is sold at. The watch should be a timepiece attached to a strap that can be fastened around the wrist. To become an official record, the accessory will be measured in US dollars (along with the currency it was bought in). It will then be converted to the UK sterling and Euros (at the currency rates on the day of purchase).

As someone who owns a clock or watch, it's exciting to know that there are people worldwide who are fascinated with timepieces. You can be the next one to hold a record to show your love for clocks and watches. Whether it is made of wood or metal, owning one watch could motivate you to become a collector of timepieces. Who knows, you could be the next person to have the most extensive collection of wooden watches!