History of Watches and Wooden Watches Unique Qualities

A Glimpse of the History of Watches

An hourglass is one of the measurements when it comes to telling of time. It is their way of checking as to when the sun will rise or sets. It is followed by the rise of water clocks, which works the same way as the hourglass.

This is followed by another process which is through pulleys, counterweights and bells. With this process mechanical become famous around the world and more accurate than the water clocks.

First Watch

It was in the war of the late 19th century and 20th century and the beginning of World War I that watches began. It used as a strategic military tool and a manly accessory. According to some of the historians, the idea of strapping little straps in a form of the wristwatch is during the era of Napoleon. This is to keep their hands free and these are called "trench watches". For women of the 20th century, watches were worn only for decoration and not as practical as today.

Wooden Watches History and Characteristics

Wooden watches have a physiological and psychological impact on the wearer. People wearing this material always have the connotation that they make a great contribution to the environment. According to a source, it is stated that wood products are made to have a great contribution to people's emotional state. People choose wooden watches because of its simplicity and health benefits. 

Wooden watches are unique and add a natural twist. That is why this is one of the best options and unique piece to invest with that can be cherished for generations. 

It is environmentally-friendly. Likes the word itself, it is eco-friendly and a renewable source. Wood used less energy when humans rework on machines compared to metal. The wood for the development of these watches is brought from a sustainable forest that means new plants are regularly planted so that this green trend can stay accessible.

Hypoallergenic. Some people are allergic to metal and wooden watches are never a concern of other people. If you are having metal allergies on your skin, wooden watches are the best alternative.

They are unique. Wooden watches pieces are unique not just because it is handmade, but because it is we are working wood. It is unlikely to have the same look. It may be produced for the same production, but it is crafted using different parts of the wood.  

Durable and lightweight. If you notice, most of the time while working you'll feel some tension or strain on your wrist. Wooden watches are proven lightweight and generally weight half the standard of the metal watches.

Not affected by heat. Wooden watches are not susceptible by heat. They are all made of national wood which make them good.