How to Buy Sunglasses Online: 8 Tips to Consider

Since it is summer now in Canada, some beaches are now opening, but visitors should still comply with the regulations about COVID-19. Since there are available tourist destinations in the country, you are probably excited to plan your next adventure. Summer essentials such as sunglasses can help you protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. So if you are considering buying a new pair of sunglasses, it is vital to learn some tips on how you can purchase high-quality eyewear.

Choosing the Ideal Sunglasses

Sunglasses come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Not only that, but you can see different styles, giving you a myriad of options. That's why it is quite challenging to pick eyewear, considering the thousands of available sunglasses. When buying in a physical store, it is easier to choose the right style since you can try the sunglasses on. Purchasing eyewear online can give you some challenges since you cannot see them physically.

Buying sunglasses online is indeed convenient. But you have to be selective when purchasing this accessory online so that you can ensure its quality. To help you pick the right sunglasses, try to consider the following tips:

#1 Choose comfortable and high-quality features. Different brands use a variety of materials to construct the frame, ideal to several facial features. You'll find a frame made of wood, plastic, and metal. But aside from looking for hypoallergenic materials, consider the long-lasting comfort and fit that the sunglasses provide. You may refer to the following guide:

  • Adjustable Nose Pads: These pads offer you the freedom to adapt your favourite pair of frames to your face.
  • Bridge Fit: The bridge of your nose significantly affects how a frame may fit. Purchase something that provides you access to a multitude of frames and bridge sizes perfect for your face.

#2 Consider bigger sunglasses. There are many types of sunglasses. For instance, you can find eyewear made of wood, whereas there are also bigger sunglasses. When buying the accessory online, look for fashionable sunglasses that are bigger compared to the standard size. It is because this type of eyewear can add protection since it can help cut down on UV rays that might enter the eyes from the side.

#3 Consider your face shape and facial features. Although you can buy any style you like, it would be better if it's based on your face shape and facial features. In this way, you can tell if the eyewear is oversized or not. The right frame, colour, and material can complement your overall look. Here are some tips when considering your facial features:

  • Heart-shaped Faces: Consider a light-coloured or rimless frame. However, if you want to balance out your features, try bottom-heavy frames. You may also purchase an oval-shaped frame with low-set temples, allowing you to draw attention to all the right places.
  • Oval-shaped Faces: Buy a frame that doesn't cover up too much of your face. It is because oval-shaped faces are considered naturally proportioned. That's why almost any type of frame looks good. If you have an oval-shaped face, you may focus on the colour that will complement your eye and hair.
  • Round-shaped Faces: Consider square/rectangular and upswept frames to add angles. On the other side, avoid small and round frames.
  • Square-shaped Faces: You may buy oval and round frames if you have a square-shaped face. These features are ideal because they soften the sharpness of the angles in your face. Besides, a pop of colour can enhance your proportions as well.

#4 Cost should not be a significant factor when buying eyewear. Some individuals think that buying more expensive eyewear guarantees 100% UV protection. That's why the price should not be your priority when purchasing sunglasses online. There is affordable eyewear that can provide you with the style you are looking for and eye protection.

#5 Find a pair of sunglasses with 100% UV protection. Many online stores add descriptions to the items they are selling. When it comes to buying eyewear, identify if it has 100% UV protection. You can also ask the customer service about this. The 100% UV protection should be one of your priorities when buying sunglasses. It is because it ensures that it will block 100% of UV rays, which is significant not only in the summer season.

#6 Look for unique styles. You can buy protective eyewear without compromising your style. Several online stores offer fashionable sunglasses that can also guarantee you with UV protection. When it comes to fashion, you may consider an elegant pair of wooden sunglasses. It is perfect for the summer season since it can complement any of your summer outfits.

#7 Not all darker lenses block more UV rays. Some people believe that the darker the lenses of your sunglasses, the more protection it can give. However, not all dark lens sunglasses can guarantee more UV protection. To ensure that the eyewear can provide you with better security, consider the 100% UV protection tag in the accessory, as mentioned earlier. 

#8 Purchase sunglasses with additional features. Aside from UV protection, you may also consider buying sunglasses with polarized lenses. Although it doesn't offer more protection from the sun, it can reduce the glare that comes off from reflective surfaces. You'll find this feature beneficial when driving or visiting a nearby beach.

For sure, you are feeling the summer vibes already. Visiting the beach is one of the ideal activities to do during this exciting season. But before you head to the nearest beach, make sure you are protected from the harmful sun's rays. You may consider applying sunscreen and wearing protective eyewear like sunglasses.