How to Care for a Watch Box

Some men prefer and enjoy wearing pieces of jewelry such as bracelets, rings, and watches. These accessories allow them to get the look they want, be it formal or casual. Nowadays, more and more individuals are choosing to buy designer watches from different brands and models. Since watches can also be an investment, you will need a watch box to keep it properly.


Choosing The Right Watch Box

Watch boxes are now becoming not only a gift of choice but also serve as personal possession to properly keep and protect watches and accessories.

The marketplace is filled with various models of watch boxes that can be useful in storing your precious watches. Most of them come with impressive features that make them stand out from the countless styles and designs available. The top factors to consider when buying the right watch box include quality, design, brand, and the price. You can always choose an affordable watch box depending on the needs you have.

If you have various watches, then it would be a wise idea to get a big watch box instead of buying several watch boxes. Some large boxes come with different compartments and pockets to keep accessories in proper places.

The following factors are very crucial points to consider when choosing a watch box to buy:

#1 Brand Name. There are various manufacturers of a watch and watch boxes today in the industry. Some of them are famous, well-respected, and already well-known. There are also those who are producing lower-quality products, which, of course, are offered at lower prices. It will be best if you can search and browse for the best names in the industry for you to find out the best ones to choose. Check their customer reviews as well for you to get great insights about the products before buying your watch box.


#2 Size. Watch boxes come in different sizes, so it is crucial to determine first how big you would need. His depends on how many watches or accessories you will store. Make an inventory of how large or small your watch collection is. When you are purchasing a watch box to be given as a gift, you need to be sure how many watches the receiver has.


#3 Materials Used. Another essential when it comes to choosing a watch box is to consider the materials used to build it. If you are looking for a convenient way to keep and protect your watch collection, then choose the watch box that is made of sturdy plastic or particle board. There are also some which are made from wood and has leather materials. The materials used to build the box should offer a good feel and style.

In case you are looking for a watch box that you can display in your library or office, then you might want to consider choosing the ones made from solid wood. Choose something that is intricately designed and built so you’ll be satisfied with your purchase and impress your friends as well.


#4 Extra Features. Just like any items in the market, watch boxes can come with extra features and usability. There can be additional drawers for smaller accessories or a mirror attached to it. Check the extras if you can benefit from them, because, sometimes, the more extra they have, the more expensive the box will be. If you think you do not need those extras, then do not buy them to save some money.


How To Care for A Watch Box

A watch box keeps your accessories safe, so it’s a must that you should also learn how to take care of it. 

Wooden watch boxes can be easily cleaned and maintained with a wood cleaner. However, there are also watch boxes which are made of glass, leather, brass, and other human-made materials.

When it comes to glass watch boxes, use a non-streaking glass cleaner to keep it pristine and clear. This will still showcase the beauty of the accessory placed inside. Be cautious in spraying the cleaner. Read the directions on how to use them to make sure they will not bring any damage.

There is also available oil soap in the market which can be used to clean wooden watch boxes. They are excellent in maintaining the quality and appearance of the wood, keeping it polished and in good condition.

A lacquer or plastic box requires some special type of cleaners which you can also find in stores. These products will keep the watch box outside to be in great appearance and shape.

On the other hand, a leather watch box is easier to clean. Just use a moisturizing soap and a cloth to wipe dirt and dust. Do not use too much soap, just enough to keep the leather clean. The leather can absorb the soap in the box and amazingly keep it supple. As a final touch, polish the box using a microfiber cloth.

It’s not only the outside of the box that needs cleaning. You should also know how to clean the inside of the box. There can be dust and dirt that resides in it, so make sure to get rid of them. It will be helpful if you can have a vacuum with an integrated brush so you can clean the inside of the box more carefully. The items or accessories inside should also be cleaned to ensure that there’s no dirt left. This helps maintain the quality of both the box and the accessories you keep traces of the dirt.

A brass cleaner and a piece of cloth will be needed to clean the brass hinges, locks, and keys of the watch box. Check as well if the locks and hinges are working fine. Sometimes, they may get loose, so check them regularly.

Keep your watch box as a treasured piece of furniture item in your home or office, instead of treating it as a simple container. Put in mind that you have invested time, materials, and effort to acquire it, so it deserves to be cherished. Not only that, a watch box will help in preserving the durability and life of your watch and other accessories. You will then thank yourself knowing and seeing that you’re having the pleasure of protecting the quality of your valuables.