How to Choose A Watch Based on Your Skin Tone

From hair colour to skin tone, everyone has distinct characteristics. In enhancing your total looks, choosing the right colour for your clothes and accessories could fashionably help you. One of the simplest ways to embody a stylish appearance is by wearing a wristwatch that complements your skin colour.


Identifying Your Skin Tone

The first step in determining the most suitable watch for you is to identify your skin colour. Though it may be a challenging task, it is an essential means to figure out the best style for you. To know your skin tone, here is a simple guide from 

  • Type I Extremely fair skin always burns, and never tans
  • Type II Fair skin still burns, and sometimes tans
  • Type III Medium skin sometimes burns, and always tans
  • Type IV Olive skin rarely burns, and always tans
  • Type V Moderately brown skin never burns, and always tans
  • Type VI Markedly black skin never burns, and always tans

There is another way to assess your skin tone. Your veins, and hair and eye colour can help you determine if you either have a cool or warm tone. If your veins appear blue, then most likely you are cool-toned. On the other hand, you could be a warm-toned if your veins look green.

Most of the time, people with blue, green, or grey eyes who also have black, blond or brown hair have cool tones while those who have amber or hazel eyes with black, blond, brown or red hair have warm tones.

Picking the Best Straps 

There are several strap options that you could choose from. Commonly, straps are made of any of these materials - metal, plastic, rubber, suede, synthetic, and wood. You can pick any of the mentioned materials, whether you are cool-toned or warm-toned. However, if you prefer a metal strap, you have to select the metal type that may flatter your skin tone. For a cool skin tone, you may opt for white gold, platinum, or silver.

On the other hand, brass, copper, rose gold, and yellow gold go well with warm skin tone. If you are having a hard time in choosing the strap for your watch, you may opt for a wooden one since it can complement any skin colour. Another trick is to choose something that is in contrast to your skin tone.

Gems and Dials

Besides straps, gems and dials also play a significant role in having a fashionable watch. Their hues should also flatter your skin colour. For those with cool tone, you may pick a watch with green, orange, or red embellishments. Earth-colours like brown and yellow match perfectly with a warm tone. Apart from gems, the colour of the dial should also be considered. Keep in mind that the rule in picking the dial is the same way on how you select the strap.

Wooden Watch for Any Skin Tone 

As mentioned earlier, a watch made of wood complements any skin colour. No matter what skin type you have, there's a perfect wooden watch for you. From casual to classic, you can wear it whatever outfit you put on. Aside from being a stylish piece of accessory, here are some reasons to love a wooden timepiece.

1. It is made of renewable resources. Using wood in crafting a watch is sustainable since the said material grows naturally. Opting for a wooden timepiece makes you eco-friendly because the process of making this accessory requires less energy. Producing wooden clocks also lowers carbon footprint.

2. It does not contain harsh elements. Most metal watches use nickel for backplates. Although not all have nickel allergies, it is still vital to be aware that this chemical can cause blisters that may swell and burst. To ensure that you will not get any skin irritation, choosing a wooden watch could be the best alternative.

3. It has unique and pristine designs. No wood is the same because every piece of it has a unique wood pattern. Although two watches may come from the same tree, the design will still remain different.

4. It is lightweight and durable. Metal is heavier compared to wood. Although a few people might notice it, wearing metal watches can cause strain to your hand and wrist. To prevent any muscle pain, you may switch to wooden timepieces. Like metal, it is also durable and may last longer when you properly take care of it.

5. It is economical. Most wooden watches sold in malls and local or online shops are very affordable. It is because the materials used in this accessory is naturally available. A wooden timepiece is cheaper than other kinds of watches since wood is sustainable. 

Other Things to Consider When Buying a Watch

A wristwatch is a jewelry piece that you can use to tell time. Besides its primary purpose, a watch is an excellent addition to your fashion statement. The kind of watch that you choose to wear somehow reflects your personality. It is why it is essential to be selective when it comes to style, colour, and material used. Other than the mentioned factors, there are other things to consider when buying a watch.

Before you purchase a timepiece, you may ask the vendor about its additional features. Most often, a watch is more expensive if it has other functions aside from telling time. To avoid purchasing low-quality watches, you also have to make sure that you will buy from an authorized dealer. Although you may find the best style and colour for your skin tone, you may not receive the full warranties if you purchased it from a non-accredited dealer.

Being selective in buying a watch is fine since there are several features to consider when purchasing it. Although you may buy what your heart desires, it is still essential to know how to pick the best watch that can match your skin tone and personality.