How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for an Oval Face?

An optical shop can be too overwhelming for someone because of the wide selection of their glasses. It varies from prescription glasses to sunglasses. Both in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Yet, some people end up buying the wrong pair even after trying almost all of the styles. One of the common mistakes is prioritizing the design above anything else. Though it is also a deciding factor, there are specific frames that will complement your face. And to find that perfect glasses, you need to assess the shape of your face before purchasing.

Fashion Accessories

When picking fashion accessories like necklaces and earrings, you need to choose the one that will showcase your facial features and will look good on you. The same thing goes for sunglasses. Sunglasses are one of the fashion accessories that can make a statement just by themselves. However, it can overpower you if it is unmatching your face shape. Several face shapes include square, round, rectangular, diamond, heart, and oval. 

Each shape has a distinct feature. Square faces have wide cheekbones, which are the same as round faces, but they have angular jawlines compared to softer jaws of the latter. Other shapes can be identified by the size of the forehead and the overall length. Among these structures, oval is considered the most versatile because of the number of frames it can fit.

Do You Have an Oval Face?

Before proceeding on what sunglasses to pick, you need to check things first. Do you fall under the category of oval face shape? There is a lot of confusion when it comes to determining your face shape. Some evaluate their face shape depending on their preferability without considering the facial features they have. For example, someone insisting that he/she has an oval face while his/her cheekbones are wide enough to be considered round or square type. Though, it can be confusing sometimes because someone can have a combination. Here are some features of an oval face shape to help you to determine if you fall under this category: 

Your forehead is narrower compared to your cheekbones. It is quite taller, or the space between the top of your head and eyebrows is larger.

Your face is longer than wider. The number when you measure the length vertically is more significant than horizontally.

Your jaws are not that strong. The angle characterizes strong jaws. It is also softer, which may resemble a round face, but your face is much longer. 

Types of Sunglasses to Try-On

An oval face is known as the universal face shape. If you have a hard time determining which one is yours, they say that you probably have an oval face. It may sound a pity, but it is not. It is more like having the best one. You do not have to worry about the trend because you can pull off anything you have. To give you an idea of how much of it can suit you, try the following sunglasses:

Rectangular and Square Sunglasses. Both of these glasses are symmetric, which is ideal for your well-proportioned face. They usually have thick frames and are fully-rimmed. For the colour, go for something neutral. Wooden sunglasses are often in these shapes and have earth tones, which is also an excellent colour scheme. It is the simplest style, but it never disappoints.

Aviator Sunglasses. You may have seen this type of glasses being worn by pilots and police officers. It adds charisma to their looks aside from their profession. It has thin metal frames and a teardrop-shape. Apart from the standard solid colours, it looks better in reflective and smoke lenses. You can also play with the frame colour. Gold metal frames are rare on sunglasses.

Cat-eye Sunglasses. These glasses became popular in the 50s because of female celebrities wearing them. Some people find it hard to carry out since it has higher peaks. It gives a feline feel, which makes it more appropriate for women. However, some variations are made more masculine. 

Geometric Sunglasses. Usually, they are large, which provides better coverage for the middle part of your face. This is the widest part of your face shape. Sunglasses are used to enhance the strong points and hide the less flattering. That is why having oversized frames will be advantageous to you.

Most of the items discussed above are concerned with the frame shapes and colours. Moreover, you need to give thought to other things like arm details. Your side profile is also something to take note of. Most people only look at the front when they are trying on sunglasses. Next time you visit the shop, turn on your sides and look at the arm details. You can see whether thin or thick arms will complement your face profile. Some even have engravings that give a different identity. Chains can also be added to make it more relaxed. One more tip, the best style for oval faces is the retro-style and the vintage ones.

Sunglasses are like clothes. It shows when you are not comfortable with what you are wearing, even if it is expensive or beautiful—more than buying the latest collection. Make an effort to know which one suits your face shape better. The new releases will not always look good on everyone. Same with those being sold by your favourite brands. It will only fit those who have confidence. Luckily, some people can carry themselves well. And you can be one of them now that you know how to pick your next eyewear.