How to Make a DIY Wooden Watch

Wearing a wooden watch is one of the best alternatives that many people find to become more environment-friendly. It primarily uses wood which is a sustainable material. A wooden watch is recommended to individuals who want a stylish piece of accessory but have sensitive skin. If you are considering a wooden timepiece, you may either purchase from a verified seller or make your DIY watch.

Step-By-Step Guide in Crafting a Wooden Watch

Opting for wooden products like a wood watch is economical, but you can be more cost-effective by making your own timepiece. You can do this if you are looking for a significant project, and you want to improve your crafting skills. Show your creative side by following the complete guide below: 

Step 1 - Planning. The first process that you need to undergo is planning. To make this DIY project a successful one, you have to plot the procedures to be done, such as making a blueprint of your watch design and gathering the needed materials. It would be better to make a checklist of the materials so that you can determine if your resources are already enough.

Step 2 - Designing. Once you knowledgeable of the complete process in making a DIY watch, the next thing that you need to do is to design your preferred style. Try to use a design that is achievable out of your resources. Be careful with the measurements, from the casing to the cover thickness. Leaving a small gap between the glass and the watch hands should be taken into consideration. You have to ensure that the hands of the watch could freely rotate once you have assembled all the significant parts.

Step 3 - Gathering. After you have drawn your watch design, it is now the right time to collect all the needed materials. Keep them in a box to stay organized. If you are using some parts of your old or broken watch, then you have to disassemble it first. You may use a flat-head screwdriver to open up the back of the watch. Try to gather all the necessary parts, including the watch movement also known as calibre.

Step 4 - Building. It is now time to build all the essential parts, from the bezel to the watch case. Cut out the designs that you have drawn in your blueprint. You can glue them in your preferred wood. You may select from a variety of available woods in your area or use recycled ones. For instance, you can use the wood from your broken skateboards. Once you already have wood material, you can already cut out the design. When done, make sure to remove the excess parts by sanding the bezel until it becomes smooth. Proceed to crafting the barrier, building the watch case, and crown. 

Step 5 - Assembling. Once done with the first four steps, you can now assemble all the parts by glueing all the pieces together. You may opt for a wood glue since it is more durable compared to white glue. Besides, this adhesive is specially made for wooden materials.

Step 6 - Crafting. After making the case and other parts, you have to craft the links for the band. Create the center links by drilling a hole straight through the entire piece. Then sand it down to smoothen the wood and reduce to an appropriate size. Once done with the center links, you may now proceed to make the edge links. Compared to the center links, the holes of the edge links should be drilled only halfway.

Step 7 - Combining. Now is the perfect time to glue the links and watch case together. You can use the wood glue again to assemble the parts. Then finish the process by applying teak oil to keep your watch from moisture. Take note not to use lacquer, polyacrylic, polyurethane, shellac, or varnish because these materials can glue the links together.

Essential Care Tips for Wooden Watches

Now that you have created your wooden timepiece, you have to make sure that it can last for a long time. Extra care is needed when doing it since the quality of wooden watch might change when exposed to certain types of elements, including water and sunlight. Listed below are some care tips that you could follow:

#1 Wear it as often as you can. One of the simplest and easiest tips to follow is to wear your wooden watch. It is because your skin has natural oils that could lubricate the timepiece. These natural oils can keep the watch from becoming too dry. If you only wear it on specific occasions, then you can protect your wooden watch by applying protective oils.

#2 Avoid direct contact with water or sunlight. As mentioned, direct exposure to water or sunlight can change your timepiece's appearance. To preserve the beauty of your wooden accessory, keep it away from these elements. You can store your watch in a box if you are not using it.

#3 Clean it regularly. Since a wooden watch has small gaps in its parts, this accessory can acquire dirt and other debris. It may affect the watch function, so make sure to keep your timepiece clean. You may use a mixture of olive oil and lemon juice for the cleaning solution. Then apply it to the watch using a soft cloth. 

#4 Replace the battery when needed. To keep your watch functional, make sure to replace the dead batteries when required. Most often, the batteries last for two years.

The wooden watch is a popular choice for many people, especially to those who are cautious in materials. To have this fashionable accessory, you can make your own or buy wooden watches online. When purchasing from an online shop, be extra careful by considering trusted sellers.