How to Take Care of Your Wooden Sunglasses

Sunglasses come in a variety of colours and shapes which can go well with any of your fashion statements. Some of them are made out of plastic while others were made out of wood.  Besides style, one of the main reasons why today’s eyewear is made is to protect your eyes not only from the sun's rays but also from other harsh elements outside. These may include sand, snow, wind and dust.  

It is essential to have a pair of sunglasses suitable for your outdoor activities. Not only that, but it is also necessary to learn how to adequately take care of them. Applying the proper maintenance to your eyewear can help you preserve its beauty and style.


Proper Maintenance for Wooden Sunglasses 

Aside from being eco-friendly, wooden sunglasses are unique because of the wood used in the frame. They match with almost everything - making them stylish and fashionable. These are just some of the reasons why people are switching from conventional plastic-framed sunglasses to wooden ones. Since they are made out of more natural materials, it is vital to know that they require extra care and maintenance. If you have a pair of wooden sunglasses at home, here are some practical tips on how to take care of them:

#1 Apply wax or oil to keep the shine. Your wooden frame may get worn out with time, so it is essential to keep the wood sheen. You may apply organic wax or use essential oils. Try to avoid using cleaning liquid as these liquid cleaners contain harmful and strong chemicals that can damage the wood.

#2 Keep your sunglasses in a safe location. If you are not using your eyewear, avoid placing them on top of your head or hanging them from your shirt because it might distort the shape of the sunglasses. It also makes your sunglasses prone to falling and breaking. Placing them in your car's dashboard is also not an ideal place to keep your eyewear. This is because they might get too much exposure from the sun - damaging both the lens and frame.

Aside from the areas mentioned, never put your glasses in your pocket because you might sit on them. Instead of keeping your eyewear in unsafe locations, you may want to store them in a case that can protect them from any scratches. 

#3 Use a soft cloth to keep the glasses clean. Just like in any eyewear available in the market, it is also essential to clean your wooden glasses. To clean the glasses, you may use a microfiber lens cloth instead of wiping them with tissue paper.

#4 Use lukewarm water. If you see dirt in your sunglasses, you may use lukewarm water to wash it away. Avoid using your fingers to get rid of the dust because it may leave a scratch in the glasses. 

If there are instances in which your eyeglasses get oily, you can rinse them using warm running water. You may put a drop of hand soap to clean the area. Make sure to rinse them gently to avoid scratches. Rinse the eyewear again with running water to get rid of the lather. You can dry them using a soft cloth.

#5 Ask the expert. If you think something is not right with your eyewear, you should go to a repair shop that specializes in wood accessories. Your sunglasses may need a hinge replacement. It is essential to ask an expert to fix your eyewear because they would know how to properly take care of them. 


Storage Ideas for Your Wooden Sunglasses

If you only have a pair of wooden sunglasses, it may be easier to keep them in a protective case or a small box. However, if you got plenty of eyewear to keep, finding where to store them could be difficult. To advise on the best practices, here's a list of storage ideas:

#1 Keep your sunglasses in a clear drawer set. If you have plenty of sunglasses at home and you are looking for the best one to match your outfit, opening them one by one could be a very slow process. As an alternative, you may place all of your sunglasses in a clear drawer to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. You may also organize them according to colours or shapes.

#2 Use a sunglass organizer. Some shops sell organizers not just for shoes and sandals but also for eye wears. You may buy a small organizer to separate each of your sunglasses. Choose something that is made out of cloth to prevent them from getting scratched.

#3 Use a lidded storage box. Instead of keeping your eye wears in a plain box, you may use a lidded one to prevent them from sliding everywhere. You may also include your other pieces of jewelry because some lidded storage boxes have designated areas for each of your accessories.

#4 Use a wooden case. If you want to be more eco-friendly, you may use a wooden case as storage for your eyewear. Some shops sell cases for both your wooden sunglasses and watches. Most of them are well-crafted and provide you with an elegant presentation for your wood accessories.


Even though wooden eyewear is sturdy and of good quality, extra care is still needed to make them long-lasting. In addition, opting for wooden sunglasses rather than plastic ones is one of the best alternatives to become more eco-friendly.