How to Wear A Wooden Watch With Style

A wooden watch is a classic and unique accessory that you can wear as part of your fashion statement. Many individuals choose this stylish timepiece because it is an eco-friendly alternative for standard watches. Even celebrities, including Paris Hilton, Rachel Wood, and members of the Black Eyed Peas were spotted wearing wooden watches. If you still don't have this classic timepiece, then you're not too late to own one. There are several ways on how you can rock a wooden watch. You can apply these smart tips whenever there is an event.


Tips on How to Fashionably Wear A Wooden Watch

If you got a new wooden watch or are still considering buying one, then you might be thinking about how you can properly wear it. Even though this timepiece goes well with any skin tone, you might be considering the style of clothes that can match this chic accessory. Here are some fashion tips on how you can look amazing with your wooden watch:


#1 Be natural with a fitted white tee. Wearing a simple tee or a plain v-neck shirt is a subtle way of rocking with your wood watch. It merely says that you don't always have to wear extravagant clothes to look fashionable. A plain white shirt, together with a dazzling wooden timepiece, could be enough to gain attention. You can pair the said ensemble with classic blue jeans and a pair of comfy running shoes.


#2 Choose the analog style. Wooden watches come in different styles. If you are in doubt about which one to pick, then you may consider an analog wooden timepiece. Usually, this style has classic designs that you can pair with a modern outfit. It can help in attaining the authentic and timeless look.


#3 Complement your wood watch with sportswear. Who says you can't be fashionable with sportswear and a wooden watch? This get-up is ideal if you are going on an outdoor trip or taking a sports adventure. It is an ideal option if you want to visit a  nearby beach or watch a baseball game. The wooden watch can spice up your athletic attire. You can even put on your favourite wristwear to feel the sports vibes.


#4 Express yourself in business attire. From formal to informal wear, you can achieve a stylish look with a wooden timepiece. Even in business attire, this accessory can help you make a fashion statement. Wearing the wooden watch at work will surely astound your coworkers. It is a unique add-on to your business casual look.


#5 Look dazzling in monochromatic clothes. The wooden watch can match with almost everything. With all the accessories that you can wear, this timepiece is easier to match your outfit. If you are a fan of monochromatic outfits, then you can achieve an impressive look with a wooden watch. The wood grain and elegant wooden watch accentuate the simplicity of neutral apparel.


#6 Look simple with a classic button shirt. If you like wearing button shirts for family gatherings and simple occasions, then you can still look fashionable by wearing a wooden watch. Since it impressively matches this smart apparel, you can grab the attention of the crowd. With a button shirt, you can also roll the sleeves if you are more comfortable with it. 


#7 Wear it with your suit and tie on. Wooden timepieces characterize both simplicity and elegance. It is best worn while having your suit and tie on. The neutral colour of the accessory genuinely goes well with the classic look of the suit. The brown shade of the wooden watch complements a navy suit. You can match this apparel with a pair of brown wingtip shoes and a brown belt.


#8 Wear nothing in your arm but a watch. Several accessories can spice up your overall look. However, if you are not fond of wearing a lot of jewelry, then you may only choose a wooden watch. This body ornament could be enough to accentuate your fashion statement. You only need to pick the best colour for your skin tone and the right style for your fashion taste.


Why Wooden Watches?


With all the available styles for watches, it is quite challenging to pick the perfect one. You have to consider the colour, size, and even the materials used in making a watch. When selecting a timepiece, many individuals prefer the standard ones. These watches are usually made of metal or plastic. When it comes to style, the wooden timepiece is also worth considering. There are plenty of reasons to like a wooden watch, and one of these is its uniqueness. No two wood watches are the same because they are made of distinct wood grains and patterns. These accessories are intricately crafted to create a significant trend in the fashion industry. There is no wonder several fashion icons and celebrities also wear them.


Wooden watches are lightweight so you can wear them comfortably and conveniently. These items are hypoallergenic, so anyone can wear them without worrying about getting skin allergies. Apart from these things, wooden watches are environmentally-friendly because they are made of sustainable materials. So if you are looking for eco-friendly gifts this holiday season, then this timepiece is an excellent option. It is a beautiful present that you can give to your parents, siblings, friends, and even to yourself. 


A wooden watch is a must-have accessory that you should consider. It could be your go-to piece of jewelry if you need something that goes well with any style. If you are considering an accessory that you can wear on any occasion, then this timepiece could be your best pick. Its versatility is one of the compelling reasons why many fashion icons love it. If you are looking for eco-friendly presents, then a wooden watch is an excellent gift idea.