Made in Canada: Must-Have Wooden Watches for Men

Like women, men also consider style when buying fashion items. That's why they could be cautious in choosing the clothes and accessories they wear. Thinking of what gift to buy for your special someone could be challenging. Probably, you are planning the usual items that most men receive as gifts, including t-shirts, jackets, and shoes. Besides these gift ideas, you may also consider accessories like wooden watches. There are many wooden timepieces that you can find in local and online stores. However, not all can guarantee you with high-quality watches. When buying a wooden watch, you may consider the on made in Canada.

Why Choose Canadian Wooden Watches?

Most men wear a wristwatch to level up their outfit. Besides telling time, a watch also serves as a fashionable accessory. Whether men are dressed up in a formal suit or casual attire, you can help them level up their style. You can do it by gifting your special man with a wooden watch made in Canada. Here are the reasons why you should patronize Canadian wooden watches: 

#1 You are favouring eco-friendly products. Here in the Great White North, many people are engaging in businesses that use wood as the raw material. It is because the country is rich in natural resources, including those used in making a wooden timepiece. This accessory is eco-friendly since it is made from wood, a sustainable material. Compared to other businesses, entrepreneurs who utilize renewable resources create less carbon footprint. It refers to the amount of carbon dioxide released due to fossil fuel consumption. Buying a Canadian wooden watch could be your simplest way of helping the environment since wood reduces less carbon footprint.

#2 You are getting more personal customer service. If you have some issues with the product that you have purchased, then you need to reach out to the customer service of the company. However, some big-scale businesses make automated responses because of the huge number of people contacting them. If you support local businesses, you are more likely to be satisfied with the customer service. You can get personalized service and talk to real people rather than automated responses. 

#3 You are helping to create more job opportunities. Small businesses strengthen local communities. They offer diversity when it comes to goods and services delivered in the country. Small businesses can also provide jobs to the community. Buying from a local store means you are supporting the entrepreneur. If more and more people purchase goods, then there will be a demand for that product. As the business needs an additional workforce, more job opportunities are being provided to the community.

#4 You are reducing wastes. Probably, there were instances when you had thrown some items because they got damaged. If you continue to purchase products made of low-quality materials, then the same can happen to them. A lot of products made from Canada are durable and crafted from high-quality materials. That's why if you opt for Canadian wooden watches, you can reduce the wastes in the environment since they are made to last.

#5 You are supporting a local business. When it comes to stylish accessories, you may simply buy from malls and choose luxury watches. But if you purchase a wooden watch from a Canadian shop, you are helping the entrepreneur to thrive in a competitive industry. Not only that, but you can help in stimulating the small business community in your area. If you patronize Canadian wooden watches, you are also helping the small business economy.

What Non-Canadian Consumers Say About Canadian Brands

The Great White North is home to a wide range of businesses that offer quality goods and services. For fashion accessories, wooden watches are becoming popular in the country. There are many individuals of different nationalities who have positive feedback when it comes to Canadian brands. In a survey conducted by PwC Canada in 2019, 96% of the 3,521 consumers surveyed have a favourable view of Canadian products. According to Anita McOuat, PwC Canada's National Leader, the positive traits associated with the country are quality, reliability, and trustworthiness. 

Why Consider Wooden Watches as Gifts?

There's a long list of gift ideas that you can find on the Internet. But it is quite overwhelming to choose one for your dearest man. If you want something unique that he can wear every day, then you may consider a wooden watch. Here are some reasons to buy this timepiece:

#1 Wooden watches are lightweight and hypoallergenic. Unlike a metal watch, a wooden timepiece is more comfortable to wear. Besides, wood products are hypoallergenic. These items are highly recommended for people with sensitive skin.

#2 Wooden watches are made from sustainable materials. Since they are crafted from wood, which is a renewable resource, buying a wooden timepiece is a simple way to show care for the environment. Wood is sustainable because entrepreneurs can grow trees after harvesting them.

#3 Wooden watches are stylish. There are different types of timepieces, from sports watches to formal ones. As a fashion enthusiast, your man may be selective when it comes to accessories. He might be wearing a different watch, depending on his attire. If you can't decide what kind of watch to give, then a wooden watch could be your best pick. It is because it matches any style and can be worn on any occasion.

#4 Wooden watches are unique. No wood patterns are the same, even if the wood pieces come from the same tree. That's why every wooden watch is different in its way. Not only that, but these accessories have a neutral colour that goes well with any skin tone.

There are many gift ideas that you may consider for your loved ones. But if you are having a hard time thinking of what to buy, then try wooden watches for men. You can find quality timepieces from Canadian local and online stores.