Making Time: A Guide to Buying the Perfect Watch as a Gift

Shopping for a watch as a gift can be difficult. After all, you want the recipient to enjoy wearing their new timepiece for years to come – not just today or tomorrow. To make sure you pick out the perfect watch, our guide will provide tips on how to pick out a quality long-lasting watch that’s perfect for almost any occasion.

Consider the Wear’s Style and Use.

Before you dive into your selection, consider the receiver’s style and their intended use for the watch. Are they looking for a dress watch to wear with formal attire for special occasions or do they want an everyday casual look? Do they want something with stopwatch or calendar functions? Once you have a better understanding of the watch wearer’s wants and needs, you can start narrowing down your choices.

Choose a Movement Type that Best Fits Your Budget.

No matter what style or features you’re looking for, one of the most important aspects when selecting a watch is movement type. The two best options are quartz and automatic. Quartz watches oftentimes offer more accurate timekeeping and, as a result, tend to be more affordable. Automatic movements last longer and may appreciate in value over time but they do require other maintenance such as periodic oiling and cleaning. Consider your budget and pick what works best for you.

Look at the Size and Shape of the Watch’s Case.

The size and shape of a watch’s case are also important things to consider when choosing the perfect watch for a gift. Many watches come with various sizes, including those that fit your wrist perfectly or even a larger or smaller one if that's what you prefer. If the person receiving the watch has small wrists, look into watches with slender cases and bracelets designed to fit that size range specifically. On the other hand, someone who prefers a larger watch will love having options from which to choose. Ensure you pick a case shape that complements their style and fits comfortably on their wrist for maximum enjoyment of the timepiece.

Compare Material Types, Quality and Finish.

After you have picked a style and size, it’s time to consider the material type that will hold up best over the years. The most preferred materials used in watchmaking are stainless steel and precious metals such as gold or silver. You should look for watches with stainless steel cases, which can provide robustness, durability and resistance to rust or scratches. When it comes to higher-end watches, opt for those with solid gold or platinum finishes that can last a lifetime—not just plated finishes. Consider the complexity of details in both the case and bracelets, as well as the overall finish of the watch.

Analyze the Features You Will Be Looking For in a Watch Dial, Strap or Bracelet and Buckle Closure.

The design details of the watch dial, strap or bracelet and buckle will add to the overall look of a watch. Pay attention to the features like hour markers and hands, second’s indicators, date-indicator and more. Also, consider straps or bracelets made of durable materials that are comfortable to wear for long durations. Last but not least, check that the buckle closure is secure and compliments the overall design of your chosen style.