Men's Fashion: 11 Tips for Wearing a Suit

Most men prefer wearing a suit for parties and gatherings. Not only can it make a man look better, but it also adds class to the person wearing it. However, wearing a suit does not automatically give you a fashionable look. It is because there are some rules to apply when wearing this apparel. It is important to remember these tips so that you can use them when you need to wear a suit - be it on your friend's wedding day or an important event to attend to.

How to Fashionably Wear a Suit

Wearing a suit does not only make you look more stylish, but it can also help in boosting your self-esteem. Knowing that you are dressed nicely can make you feel more confident on the occasion. Here are some subtle ways to wear a suit with style:

#1 Don't wear a belt if you will wear suspenders. Suspenders work like a belt. If you need a good fit for your pants, make sure to choose between a belt and suspenders. Wearing both is not necessary, that's why you need to decide whether to use a belt or suspenders.

#2 Don't wear a sports watch when dressing in a suit. It is necessary to use the right accessories when wearing a suit. Since this apparel is worn on formal events, you need to pair it with a classic accessory. An iconic watch is recommended when dressing in a suit. However, choosing the right timepiece for a formal event could be overwhelming. It is because many watches come in a variety of styles and colours. When picking the right piece, you may need something that goes well with your skin tone. You may choose between a silver metal timepiece or a stylish wooden accessory. The best thing about wooden watches is that you can use it in both formal and informal occasions. A wooden watch can also match any style, be it in casual or formal wear.

#3 Don't wear too many accessories. You can add some accessories to match your overall look. However, when wearing a suit, it is recommended not to use too many accessories because it may not complement the formal look. If you want to achieve a clean and sophisticated look, then opt for fewer accessories.

#4 Ensure that the socks will cover your legs. Part of the etiquette when wearing a suit is to make sure that the socks cover your legs. It may be a little bit easier when you are standing. However, your legs might show up when you sit down. That's why try to wear a pair of socks that are long enough, which can cover your legs even when sitting down.

#5 Keep the last button open of the suit. Though it may sound a little bit confusing, you can look more stylish by keeping the last button of the suit open. Doing so will help you not to look too formal. It is done for aesthetic purposes, adding some appeal to your overall look.

#6 Make sure that the suit fits perfectly with your shoulders. It may not look appropriate if you wear an outfit that is too big or small for your body. That's why make sure that the apparel fits perfectly, especially to your shoulders. You can tell that the suit is just right for you if it fits your shoulder. It is also essential that you can easily slip your hand between your chest and the button-up jacket.

#7 Unfasten the buttons if you will sit down. If you are at a party and you need to take a rest, make sure to unfasten the button when sitting. The suit may look crumpled if you forget to unfasten them before you sit.

#8 Unfasten the last button of your vest. If you like wearing a vest before the coat, make sure to unfasten the last button. This tip is the same rule for the coat, which is mentioned earlier. 

#9 Wear a pair of shoes that complement your suit. When it comes to fashion, you can try having a mix and match of your apparel and accessories. However, make sure to focus on the colour since too much colour contrast may not result in a fashionable look. Try to refrain from having too much variation by choosing a pair of shoes that matches your suit. If you are wearing a pair of brown shoes, then you can match them with black, classic blue, and maroon outfits. For black shoes, you may wear black or gray suits.

#10 Wear the suit for the right event. Dressing up in a suit is one way to look formal, that's why it is worn on formal events like weddings. It is not necessary to choose this apparel in every gathering that you will attend. Remember that style is not always about looking fashionable. You must dress accordingly, which is appropriate for the occasion. It is why if you are invited to a party, make sure to inquire about the dress code to avoid having an inappropriate style.

#11 Wear the necktie appropriately. Most of the time, a suit is accompanied by a tie. When using a necktie, make sure that its tip will be at or before the buckle of the belt. Besides it, the waistcoat should also finish at the belt. Doing so can help you flatten out your stomach.

Wearing a suit may be challenging for some. There are some rules when dressing up in this formal attire. It is crucial to find the right accessories that can flatter your overall look. You may add a pair of sunglasses or an iconic wooden watch. When it comes to wearing a suit, picking the right colour for the tie and shoes can also level up your style.