Men's Guide in Wearing A Watch

One of the simplest ways to look fashionable is by wearing a stylish watch. Timepieces come in various colours and sizes. They are also made of different materials like metal, plastic, and wood. It is essential to pick the perfect watch and learn how to wear it properly. Doing so can enhance your style and make you look more dashing.

The Perfect Guide in Wearing a Watch

You might be asking yourself some questions about wearing a watch. Should you wear a classic metal watch in a formal event? Or should you wear a coloured plastic timepiece? Choosing the best watch to match your outfits and other accessories could be challenging since there are several things to consider. To help you, here are some helpful tips: 

#1 Pick the right style. There is the right style of timepiece for formal occasions like weddings and proms. Sports and other adventurous activities also require a different style. It is essential to know which watch to wear in a specific event. Try to follow the guide below: 

Aviation Watches - These timepieces are a combination of a dress watch and a sports watch. They can be worn on formal occasions, but you could also wear them in your casual activities. Aviation watches have distinct features that can add a character to the person who wears them.

Sports Watches - Sports watches can be used in outdoor activities, including diving, skiing, and other extreme adventures. They usually come in bright colours which might not be suitable for formal occasions. You may match these timepieces with your casual wear.

Dress Watches - Dress watches often have a cleaner dial with simpler functions. Usually, they have leather straps or steel bracelet. You can wear a dress watch if you are in business attire, tuxedo, or wedding suit.

#2 Play with straps. Although you can add accessories to your watch, it can still look stylish without them. You may opt for well-designed straps that can go well with your preferred dial. However, there are instances when you need a different style in attending a formal or informal event.

Aside from the style of the watch, you may consider the type of strap in selecting a timepiece. As mentioned, watches with steel bracelets can be worn on formal occasions. Timepieces with black leather straps can also be used in formal events. Besides, steel bracelets and black leather straps are suitable for a work environment. 

On the other hand, brown leather straps can be used in both formal and informal occasions. If you have watches with rubber straps, you can wear them in active sports and adventures like diving, hiking, and other outdoor activities. To avoid buying several watches, you may opt for a neutral strap which can allow you to wear the watch in any circumstances. 

#3 Select the movement of the watch of the hands. Let's say that you have already picked a watch with your preferred style, dial, and straps. It is still essential to consider the mechanism of the watch like the movements of its hands. Know that there are several types of movements but listed below are the common ones:

Automatic Movements - These use the motion of the watch to power their movements. Watches with this type of movement should be worn regularly to provide energy in the clock.

Electronic Movements - These are also referred to as quartz movements. A timepiece with this type of movement needs a battery or a solar cell in the dial to keep it running.

Mechanical Movements - They keep time through winding and unwinding of the springs inside the watch.

The Rules in Wearing a Watch

There are important reminders when wearing a watch. Below are some rules in wearing a timepiece whether you are attending a formal or informal event:

#1 Do you wear your timepiece on your right or left hand? Although watches are usually worn on the left hand, the rule is to wear it on your non-dominant wrist. It is simple to follow - wear your watch on the left wrist if you are right-handed or wear the timepiece on the right if you are left-handed.

#2 If you are wearing a long sleeve shirt and your arm is in a straight position, the watch should not be too much exposed. The sleeves should cover 80 percent or more of the clock. The timepiece should be visible if your arm is in a bent position.

#3 If you have a wooden watch, make sure to clean it regularly. A wooden timepiece is a versatile watch which can be worn on both formal and informal events. This timepiece could accumulate dirt if worn regularly. To keep it clean, you may use a soft cloth to wipe the dirt away. You can use essential oils to keep the wood sheen.

#4 Remember that watches are worn underneath and not on top of the sleeves. Try to avoid buying thick watches because they will not go well with a long sleeve shirt. You may opt for a timepiece with moderate thickness so that it can sit under the cuff comfortably. Also, make sure that the strap of the watch could fit your wrist perfectly. 

If you are buying only one watch that you can wear in all circumstances, it is vital to pick something that is both stylish and neutral. It means that the timepiece can be worn on any occasion, either formal or informal. Also, the watch should be paired with any colour of your outfit. 

Selecting the perfect watch that can match your style could be challenging. It is why it is essential to follow a specific guide that can teach you how to choose a timepiece based on your preferences and needs. You can also apply the watch etiquette on how to wear the clock properly to improve your overall look.