Nature and Shade - Woodwear Sunglasses

Sunglasses protect your eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. More than just a fashion statement, choosing the right sunglasses is essential for keeping your eyes healthy. Eye diseases come in many forms, but the common is the cataract. Ultraviolet light is radiation. Protection to your eyes is a must and are needed at an early age to stop the harmful effects of UV.

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory not only during the summer season but also in our everyday use such as when driving or walking in a particular place while it is sunny as it keeps the eyes protected.

Choosing the right and effective sunglasses is essential, it must be coloured, darkened or polarized. The polarized sunglasses apply to those that are driving to prevent and reduce the glare of the sun. Here are some of the critical factor to consider when choosing the right one for you.

UVA Protected

Before checking the brand and the price tag, it is essential to check if this can prevent UVA rays. As mentioned, too much light in the eyes is the leading cause of cataracts. In recent studies, it can destroy retina, the lining at the back of your eyes that help you see clearly.

It Fits You

Look for something that fits the shape of your face. It should not be too small that it no longer protect your eyes. Those that wrap around your eyes can help block stray UV light. If you are also on a beach or somewhere in an area where sand and allergens are prevalent, a fitted one or oversize shades is applicable.

Polarized Lenses

Glare from the sun at the beach, snow or even if you are a dip in water are the reason why we need to keep our sunglasses polarized. You can't see clearly if you have especially if you are using your laptop, smartphones or dashboard.

Hue and Darkness

Having a dark or super black shades doesn't mean that you can block UV rays. So again, it is equally important to read the label. Did you know that when you wear darkened lenses, our pupil tends to open more as it lets more light? It is always essential to have UV rays protected.

Choose the right lens.

Polycarbonate material, shattered glass, or even plastic. For me again, it is a matter of taste and quality. It essential for you to plan ahead when choosing the right one or you.

You have the right quality for eyewear.

Did you know that having the right quality in any items that you are wearing gives you the freedom or confidence? Knowing how it is made and the is somewhat vital at it affects your well being.

At Woodwear, eyeglasses are nature-friendly. Something that you can relate to beach and forest. They are made of natural wood. Few reviews say, while wearing it, it makes them feel that they are travelling in a wild nature even if they are in the middle of a city.

According to studies, being surrounded by wood has a positive effect on your health. Some of the health benefits include an improved emotional state of mind, balance air quality by more humidity which in turn has an impact on easy breathing and it also creates warmth and comfort. Indeed it creates an organic sense.

Woodwear sells two kinds of sunglasses, Wooden Sunglasses North American Walnut, All wood, not plastic or bamboo and the Wooden skateboard sunglasses. Let's take a look at each of the sunglasses functionality.

Skateboard Sunglasses

Skateboard Sunglasses are made entirely from recycled Canadian Maple skateboard decks, no cheap plastic like other brands. You become unique when you wear this because of the wood grain of each Canadian maple is different. When you purchase the product, it comes with a natural cork GIFT BOX. - The perfect gift for any occasion.

Did you know that Maple has a beautiful, consistent grain that makes for a uniform appearance? Maple is one of the hardest hardwood.

Maple lumber is tonewood which means that it has the ability to carry sound well, making it ideal for musical instrument making such as violin, piano, drums, electric guitars and cellos.

North American Walnut, All wood, (not plastic or bamboo)

These are one of a kind. The natural walnut wood frame is not plastic. It has a glass lens and polarized with 100% UV Protection. The advanced TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) polarize lenses provides an improved visual and polarization quality. These are hard coated to resist scratches. Fashionable and fit for everyday use. The product is made entirely from natural walnut wood, no cheap plastic like any other brands.

Walnut is the most popular wood among the types of wood because of its traditional and sophisticated appearance. It is generally the highest priced domestic hardwood because of its extreme durability and easy to maintain functionality.

Many people choose walnut because it is extremely tough and ensures longevity. It has a striking appearance and boasts a variety of colours from light to dark hues. Unlike other woods, they require staining to bring out the vibrancy of the natural colour. Walnut only needs a clear protective varnish as the colour are naturally bold.

Walnut is also resilient to environmental changes. It will not shrink or swell easily unlike other woods when conditions such as humidity change. It can resist spills from drinks soda or coffee, it won’t leave any mark, provided that they are wiped instantly.

Now that we know the benefits of using wood not only as furniture but also as an accessory. Wearing this kind of sunglasses is good for the environment. We all know that trees absorbed carbon throughout their life. When trees are turned into a wood product, they continue to store that carbon. I believe that by patronizing this product, we are preventing climate change and the greenhouse effect.