Ski Time Essentials - What to Bring

Winter is the season where people enjoy the cold breeze and snow. However, since it is so cold we need to take extra care on how we take care of our body. Many harmful factors could affect our inner health, and we need to ensure that we have the right protection.

For outdoor enthusiasts, it is essential that the right equipment is with you. The cold season thus not claim for a fact that the sun rays are not harmful enough to damage our skin. Nevertheless, we should be still careful as this will bring a lot of issues in our total well-being.

Making ourselves aware of what essentials to bring is as important as having the daily stuff for our well-being and care. Here are some of the essentials that we need to protect us from the sun and cold.

Warm Hat/Beanie. In a cold season, you need to protect your head. Once your head has been exposed to cold, your total body will follow. Make sure that you have the right gear to protect you.

Neck Warmer. From the word itself, it is somewhat for us to feel protected from being cold. A lot of people are using neck warmers; anyone who suffers from being cold in the neck can bring comfort with these accessories. You can feel the immediate warmth once this is wrapped around your neck.

Thermal Clothing. These are designed to trap the body's heat and prevent the cold from getting to your skin. While outside it is recommended to wear the proper clothes for you to become protected. Aside from regulating your body temperature, the thermal tops are designed to ensure that perspiration is absorbed. Regardless of your outdoor activity, it can fit snugly when it comes to the need of the body to move freely.

Sunglasses. Are the essentials when it comes to exposure to the sun. It can block the 100% harmful effects of the sun with just a pair of sunglasses.

At WoodWear, eyeglasses are nature-friendly. Something that you can relate to an ambience at the beach and forest. They are made of natural wood which makes it unique. Some of the reviews say that, while wearing it, it makes them feel that they are travelling in a wild nature even if they are in the middle of a city.

According to studies, being surrounded by wood positively affects your health. Some of the health benefits include an improved emotional state of mind, balance air quality by more humidity which in turn impacts easy breathing and it also creates warmth and comfort. 

Woodwear sells two kinds of sunglasses, Wooden Sunglasses North American Walnut, all wood and the Wooden skateboard sunglasses.

To understand what kind of sunglasses you need for each activity during winter it is important to take a look at each sunglasses functionality.

Wooden Skateboard Sunglasses. Skateboard sunglasses are made entirely from recycled Canadian maple skateboard decks, no cheap plastic like other brands. You become unique when you wear this because of the wood grain of each Canadian maple is different. When you purchase the product, it comes with a natural cork GIFT BOX. - The perfect gift for any occasion.

Did you know that maple has a beautiful, consistent grain that makes for a uniform appearance? Maple is one of the hardest hardwood.

Maple lumber is tonewood which means that it can carry sound well, making it ideal for musical instrument making such as violin, piano, drums, electric guitars and cellos.

North American Walnut, All wood, (not plastic or bamboo). These are one of a kind. The natural walnut wood frame is not plastic. It had a glass lens and polarized with 100% UV Protection. The advanced TAC (Tri-Acetate Cellulose) polarize lenses provides improved visual and polarization quality. These are hard coated to resist scratches. Fashionable and fit for everyday use. The product is made entirely from natural walnut wood.

Ski Socks. If you feel that your feet feel always cold, definitely you won't be able to have a great day skiing. A good pair of socks can provide comfort at your feet contrary to a common belief that establishes that two pairs can make you warmer. But if you will think about it, it will generally lead to discomfort, and this will prevent you from working properly while taking you on slopes.

Ski Jackets. It's one of the essential items that you need to own while skiing. In buying a ski jacket, it is best to have an insulated one so that the cold won't be coming in from your body. When choosing the right jacket, it is best to select those with shapes that fit you properly

When choosing the right colour, it is best to have those that you will stand out and unique. Thinking outside the box and being bold will make you stand out. The colour that you choose is something that will make you unique. Keep in mind that while you are in slope, the selected from that you have will make you stand out.

Ski Helmet. Wearing a ski helmet will help you prevent ski accidents. If you had an accident, your ski helmet will spread out and absorb the shock wave of the impact. You may get injured; however, the severity of the head injury is likely to be much less. It is important to protect our head to ensure that we don't get any life-threating injuries.

Another essential aspect that you can do is to block the sun from your eyes and keep the snow out of your face. It can make your head feel warm, which is essential as the body loses more heat brought by the cold season. Let your helmet hold your goggles in place. It is needed to help keep your eyes free from any harm or obstruction brought by the sun. Now that you understand the importance of wearing a helmet, you probably won't want to ski without one. Make sure that you own one that properly fits you. 

Transceiver. Part of your essential should be the electronic signal when skiing. When someone is caught in an avalanche, it is necessary for them to inform via this transmitter.

All the ski equipment should be a priority when it comes to doing some ski activity. It is up to us on how we will prioritize the importance of purchasing one. While it is thrilling to do some slopes and strokes in the icy crispy cold day, we need to ensure that everything will be placed accordingly. With the given equipment it is essential that we have the specific equipment that is important for a particular purpose.

Some of the critical equipment are masks, goggles and helmets which are necessary to protect our faces. The helmet is the significant one since it will protect your head and the one of the most important one as this will minimize the bumps in case you fall. It is the first defence against routine tumbles when you are doing slopes and occasional accident on the terrain. Using this equipment will minimize the risk of any kind of injury. This will let us enjoy the outdoors activities better and safer.