Stylish Ways to Wear Streetwear

In some ways, people are represented by the clothes they wear. That's why it is essential to dress appropriately, no matter what the occasion is. People have different personalities, and with that character comes a distinct style. Being fashionable is not limited to wearing branded and extravagant apparel. What matters most is finding your comfort when dressing up in a particular style. One of the continuing trends in the fashion world is streetwear. It is relative to street fashion, which can be observed until today in the Californian lifestyle. Not only is it rooted in the skate culture, but it also features haute couture, hip-hop fashion, and modern high fashion. Many people prefer streetwear because they believe that this style defines their personality.

A Glimpse in the History of Streetwear

It is believed that streetwear has been popular as early as the late 1970s. This time was also famous for punk rock and hip-hop. With the emergence of these trends, surfers and even skaters followed a DIY approach. It is where they produced their own branded surfboards and designed their cool tees. Shawn Stussy was one of the most notable DIY T-shirt pioneers. He became an icon who rose to popularity because of his surfboards and clothing. Stussy was well-known for selling printed T-shirts that feature his trademark signature. By the mid-1980s, the famous brand, Nike, topped the urban streetwear when it comes to the sneaker market. Other brands, including Champion and Timberland, got into the streetwear scene. Luxury brands such as Burberry and Gucci entered the streetwear world by the mid-1990s. It is the time when the "bling" culture became a trend.

How to Wear Streetwear

Although streetwear has been around as early as the 1970s, some people find it challenging to define what this style really is. It is because streetwear is recognized as a fluid genre of clothing, meaning it is continually changing. Though it is quite difficult to decide which clothing pieces specifically belong to this fashion genre, there are simple ways to dress up in this style. So if you want to switch to streetwear, here are some subtle tips that you can apply:

#1 Choose oversized clothing. If you are in doubt when picking streetwear pieces, then opt for big apparel. Look for items that are baggy and loose, which are somehow shapeless. You can also do this by layering up like wearing T-shirts, jeans, and an oversized sweatshirt. Try to find 80s inspired tees or any clothing that has something to do with the 80s and 90s hip-hop style. Then combine these apparel with a modern look to achieve a solid concept of streetwear.

#2 Invest in quality sneakers. The shoes contribute a lot when it comes to streetwear fashion. That's why try to invest in quality shoes which you can wear for a long time. You may pick something simple, but can match with almost everything. Choosing a pair of sneakers that have too many adornments can limit you to wear a variety of ensembles. 

#3 Mix your necessary clothing with premium pieces. Streetwear makes you unique because this style allows you to create your mash-up of clothes. You can mix and match your basic apparel such as t-shirts and jeans. To achieve streetwear, try to wear limited edition pieces such as premium sneakers. You may also combine your old clothes with new and trendy pieces. Another ensemble that you can wear for this fashion genre is dressing up in punk rock tops, tees, ripped jeans, and quality leather jackets.

#4 Show the logos. Showing the logo of the T-shirt you are wearing is not highlighting the brand you have paid for. It is more of a fashion statement, allowing you to be comfortable in your preferred brand. Logos and slogans create a sense of acknowledgement and belonging. So try not to be afraid of wearing a big logo in the front of your tee or at the back of your jacket and sweatshirt.

#5 Try military-style. Military fashion has a significant contribution to streetwear. You can even combine it with urban looks. For instance, when wearing a camo shirt, try to pair it with a long sleeve top and a pair of high top sneakers to achieve the streetwear look. The key here is to ensure that the rest of your outfit is free from competing motifs. 

#6 Wear a signature accessory. You can level up any style by choosing the right accessories. Be it a headgear, scarf, or jewelries; it is important to wear something that can complete your ensemble. You can also wear a cap or any statement windbreaker to level up your fashion statement. Know that the headgear is part of the streetwear, so choose the perfect beanie or cap. To complete the look, women can wear a pair of earrings or a necklace. You can also opt for eyewear or watch to achieve a trendsetting streetwear look. If you are in doubt about what to wear, choose wooden sunglasses or wooden watches because these items can match almost any style.

#7 Wear printed shirts. Who says you can't wear printed shirts for streetwear? You can look fashionable with a printed tee by matching it with an overshirt and chino shirts. Then complete the ensemble by pairing it with a pair of lifestyle runners or retro sneakers. This look is worn best in the summertime, but you can still wear it anytime you like. When picking items for the streetwear, make sure to choose breathable fabrics in a looser cut. Doing so will help you maximize air circulation.

Streetwear has been associated with basic items that you can usually find in anyone's wardrobe. This style is not limited to casual clothing such as t-shirts and jeans or even hoodies and sneakers. You can apply the tips above to look more fashionable when it comes to streetwear fashion.