Summer in Canada: Top Accessories You'll Love to Have

With summer knocking around the corner, people are starting to get themselves #SummerReady. Shoppers can be seen with different summer accessories neatly tucked inside their baskets. 

By this time, you have probably been hearing a lot about the infamous “Summer Body” objective. On different social streaming platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Tiktok, users have been posting about their summer shreds. It’s not easy work, nor does it happen overnight. That is why it can be best to begin prepping as early as right now.

You can ask yourself, “How do I see myself spending the summer?”If your answer includes trips to the beach, frolicking in the sand, and playing different beach sports, you might want to bring a few accessories with you. This is just to bring an extra oomph to your essentials—time to make summer days and summer nights even hotter.

Five Accessories to Bring on Your Next Summer Getaway


Canadian Summer can get scorching hot, especially in Central Canada. Ottawa, Montreal, and Toronto have the warmest summers among all eight major Canadian cities. If you or your company is planning to take a trip around the area, expect a more than good dose of sunshine. 

Is squinting included in your bucket list? You will definitely be checking that off your bucket list—multiple times. Having said that, grabbing a pair of sunglasses and keeping them with you is the safest bet.

Leaning on the more sustainably sourced sunglasses, Wooden Sunglasses have become people’s best friend. These sunglasses are made entirely of natural walnut wood and not plastic. There is zero plastic material in its frames while the lenses are of glass. Equally important is its feature of being polarized with 100% UV protection. 

Not to mention that it is fit for everyday use and is easy on the eyes--both for the wearer and for the people watching. The lenses also provide improved visual and polarization clarity from its Advanced Tri-Acetate Cellulose (TAC). 

You also have one less thing to worry about if you plan on getting physically active and out there. The glasses are scratch-resistant. This quality is assured by their hard coating.

Of course, even if you were not planning on splashing about in the waters or playing beach volleyball with your friends, that is more than all right. Lounging on a hammock seems like a pretty relaxing alternative to getting rough and rowdy.

Bucket Hats

A timeless accessory in its own right, the bucket hat has proven itself to be a staple in fashion. Decade after decade, bucket hats have yet to cease their charm. 

Early users of the bucket hat back in the 1940s primarily used them for heat protection. In the same way, added UV protection in the summer will make all the difference. Your dermatologist can agree.

You can compare it to that friend of yours who everyone likes. Bucket hats are appreciated by dads, moms, safari rangers, fishermen, K-pop idols, and, lest we forget, beachgoers. 


Tote Bags

Really, what’s not to love? These sturdy, unfastened bags are inexpensive and mainly made from recycled materials. They are manufactured with minimally-processed natural fibres. Some of the common fabrics used include heavy canvas and nylon.

Tote bags are often seen in grocery stores and shopping centers. People have begun switching from disposable plastic bags to eco-friendly tote bags. Although, these should not be the only places you can strut off your tote bags. Going on a summer trip might mean bringing more than usual. These bags give you more than enough room to throw all your things in.

Anyway, “packing lightly” is relative.


Bandanas are like celebrities who play multiple characters.  Sometimes they’re scarves, and sometimes they’re hair accessories. However you choose to wear them, it’s likely still going to be quite stylish. They are incredibly versatile, and they bring added fun to your wardrobe.

When used as hair accessories, bandanas are typically worn as headbands. Although, with its adaptable nature, you can also wear them as ponytails. When it gets warm, and you feel like having your hair down is not helping with the heat, you can use your bandana by tying a knot in your hair—sleek.

You can even opt to skip the ponytail and go straight into a bun. Bandana buns are a thing now. Simply do your bun as you would normally, and tie the bandana around your bun.

Meanwhile, if you plan on making a clear and vibrant statement, using a bandana as a scarf—or even a necklace—is an option to consider. Making something classic look chic is always a great way to show off your style. 


Face Mask

While we encourage you to experience summer carefree and merry, it would certainly be best not to remove being responsible from the equation. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has yet to be eradicated completely, it still poses a threat to the community. 

Be mindful in helping mitigate the spread of the virus, in reducing the risks of having more people get sick.  Wear your mask. Doing so severely reduces the chances of viral transmission. Masks serve as an added barrier between you and the people around you. Having this barrier keeps respiratory droplets from reaching you, and in the same way, keeps your respiratory droplets from reaching others. This means that even if you or someone you know is asymptomatic,  it is less likely for the virus to be transmitted.

Everyone should abide by the public health measures (i.e. cleaning your hands, social distancing, and refraining from touching your face.) Remember, if you feel sick or exhibit any symptoms of the virus, by all means, please stay at home.

It is advisable to get vaccinated. Vaccines are the most effective way to protect yourself against infectious diseases. When you get vaccinated, not only will you be protecting yourself, but also the whole community. COVID-19 vaccines available for use in Canada are free. The rollouts are according to priority populations. 


Planning your summer getaway is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding and fulfilling experiences in life. Don’t forget to feel your best self and make lasting impressions by bringing these accessories with you. There are no rules in creating your very own summer statement. Make the most of the season—and look your best while doing so!