Summer Style for Men to Consider This 2020

Time really flies fast. That only means it's four months away before another year starts. Since January, you have probably seen some stylish outfits that became fashion trends. From minimalist to bold fashion ensemble, it is quite challenging to keep up with the latest fashion. Some of you may not be able to adapt to some of the fashion tips because of the pandemic. Worry not because you can still achieve a stylish look even when staying at home. It is not too late to get the ideal summer style for men.

Men's Summer Fashion 2020

It's the summer season in Canada. Before the springtime occurs, it would be cool to learn some trendsetting outfits that you can wear. You can keep the stylish look even if you haven't planned for your next summer vacation yet. Whether you are attending an online class or a virtual meeting, you can still look fashionable. Here are some easy-to-follow tips that you can do to keep a slaying look before the summer season ends:

Style #1 Chino shorts and simple shirt

If you don't need to follow a specific dress code at school or for your remote work, perhaps you'll be wearing the comfiest outfit. Some of you might be wearing pyjamas because why not? But if you don't want to join the bandwagon and look unique, try wearing classic chino shorts. You can match it with a simple shirt, a striped tee, for instance. 

This look is a subtle way of showing that it is still summer. Besides, this fashion ensemble is also comfortable. You can wear it while listening to a podcast online or watching your professor's discussion. The bonus thing is that it can be your go-to outfit if you need to go somewhere after school or work. Just wear boat shoes, add a wooden watch, and you are ready to go. When following the chino shorts and simple shirt style, make sure to choose the best colours that compliment your skin tone. 

For the summer shorts, you may wear khaki as a neutral option. But if you want to try other hues, you may go for black and navy blue. For the summer shirts, make sure to keep them light. When it comes to shoes, white is highly preferred. Lastly, for the accessories, a wooden watch is recommended because of its neutral colour. It can go well with any outfit, plus it is also comfortable to wear.

Style #2 Black jeans and button-ups

If you prefer jeans over shorts, you can achieve the summer look by matching it with a button-up shirt. You can choose any colour you like, but it would be better to wear black jeans. For other options, you can go for anything that is non-fluorescent. In terms of button-ups, you can go for white or different pastel colours. But make sure not to look dull. You can do this by adding some accessories. You can wear wooden sunglasses for your outdoor adventures. When it comes to shoes, white could be the best option.

Style #3 Slim-fit jeans, shirt, and blazer

Let's say you need to attend an intimate party, and you still want to keep the summer vibes, wear slim-fit jeans, shorts, and a blazer. These three are wardrobe staples, so you can quickly achieve the look. To slay this fashion ensemble, try getting a stylish haircut to complete the look.

As you can see, the three styles are simple to follow. It seems like there is nothing special about them, but they work well wherever you go. They can be your fashion inspiration if you are running out of some fashion ideas. Besides, what makes you look more fashionable is confidence. Make sure to be comfortable with the clothes you put on and don't forget to wear your best smile.

Other Tips to Consider

#1 Choose stripes over tropicals. When it comes to the summer season, most of you probably think of wearing tropical shirts or shorts. Although there is nothing wrong with it, you can choose a more subtle but trendsetting look. You may embrace stripe overs tropicals because they are simple. Besides, they give an illusion of making you slimmer and taller. You can either pick classic stripes or select any of varying width.

#2 Don't be afraid to go all white. Some people are scared to go all white because they might look dull and boring. But it is a simple and fashionable way to slay in the summer. Besides, you can wear accessories to add some colours to the fashion ensemble. It would be better to choose wooden accessories to achieve a neutral look.

#3 Wear pink. If you are not comfortable with monochromatic colours and want to opt for vivid hues, consider the pink tone. This year, many fashion experts recommend men to try this colour. When considering this tip, select a light tone and not tej bright ones.

#4 Wear a vest. Let's say you are attending an intimate wedding. You will never go out of fashion when you add a vest to your suit. Even in the warm weather, it still brings you the summer vibes. 

The summer season is one of the best times to flaunt your style. Even if some places are still unavailable for tourists, you can bring the summer vibes wherever you go. You don't need to wear extravagant clothes because there are simple outfit ideas that you can follow. Confidently wearing a specific style suitable for your personality can make you look fabulous even in virtual meetings.