Sunglass Tips For People with Round Faces

People wear sunglasses for eye health and fashion purposes. Since these accessories come in a wide range of sizes and colours, it's quite challenging to choose the best one. If you want eyewear that will compliment your style, you should consider the shape of your face. Some of the familiar face shapes include diamond, heart, round, square, and triangle. Determining your face’s shape will help you identify which type of sunglasses would best suit you.

Characteristics of A Round Face

People have different face shapes. Among the common ones is the round face shape. It is characterized by having a shorter and broader face that looks circular. If you have this face shape, you'll be more likely to have a low round hairline, round jawline, and short chin. The widest areas of your face include the cheeks and ears. To make your face look smaller, you need to find the best hairstyle and sunglasses for round faces.

The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses for A Round Face

After assessing your face shape and identifying that it is circular, it's time to discover what eyewear styles are best for you. One of the keys to de-emphasize your round face is finding a pair of sunglasses that contradicts its shape. Try to avoid wearing browline and oval sunglasses. Instead, you may prefer rectangular and square eyewear. You may consider the following sunglasses for you:

#1 Cat-Eye Sunglasses - Some people think that only women can wear cat-eye sunglasses. But the truth is both men and women can pull them off, especially those who have a circular face. It is because cat-eye sunglasses make a face look elongated, adding an unswept focus point. These accessories are somehow flattering, making them a popular choice for people who are fond of wearing eyewear.

Although some individuals think that cat-eye sunglasses look feminine, these accessories' unswept frames look stylish on masculine faces. If you are a man seeking fashionable eyewear, you can add cat-eye sunglasses to your options.

#2 Navigators - Another option of sunglasses for people with a round face is a navigator. Usually, it has a masculine silhouette, making it ideal for men. This accessory features a square shape, which makes it a perfect choice for round face types.

#3 Rectangle Sunglasses - As mentioned, angular frames can help you create contact with your facial features. Among these types include rectangle sunglasses. They feature bold angles ideal for people with a round face.

#4 Tortoise Shell Sunglasses - Tortoise shell sunglasses feature a versatile style. It comes in different variations that feature unique frame styles and hues, and patterns. Choosing tortoise shell sunglasses can help you create a classic, modern, or even a vintage look.

#5 Square Sunglasses - Square sunglasses have strong lines and angles, creating a bold and expressive look. These accessories feature frames wider than the face, adding more balance to your face's delicate features. That's why this type of eyewear is a perfect fit for any round face. 

Square sunglasses can enhance your face, making it appear slimmer and longer. When it comes to sunglasses frames, you may choose metal frames, but wooden sunglasses could be your best pick. Other options include those with floral patterns.

Choosing the Best Frames for Sunglasses

Besides the type of sunglasses, you may also select from a wide variety of frames. Some of the best picks for people with a round face include the following:

#1 Colourful Frames - A person with a round-shaped face can  wear colourful frames Fashion experts recommend wearing bold colours, especially if you have a round face. For instance, you can wear a thick, blue, square frame to help you achieve a slimmer look. Doing so makes your face look elongated, creating a contrast to your face shape.

#2 Full-rimmed Sunglasses - This eyewear has thick frames that almost enclose the lenses, helping you balance your facial features. They come in various styles, such as cat-eye, rectangular, and wayfarers. You can wear these sunglasses to create a contrast between the accessory and your face shape.

#3 Transparent Frames - If you are not comfortable with vivid colours, transparent frames are still an option. These frames include clear and fair tints that look almost invisible when viewed from afar. Wearing sunglasses with transparent frames can help people see the soft features of your round face. 

However, choosing this option can make it challenging for you to achieve the desired effect you want. For example, wearing rectangular sunglasses with transparent frames can make the optical effect less noticeable. Even if you have chosen angular options, the fair tint can make the effects look lesser. But if you are comfortable with transparent frames, you may still select them. 

 Wayfarer Frames - Usually, people with round face shapes buy wayfarers. They are a classic choice for those who want to de-emphasize the circular shape of their face. Wayfarers have distinctive angels and come in a wide range of colours.

 Wooden Frames - Aside from the frame's shape, some individuals also find it challenging to pick the colour of the sunglasses. To solve this dilemma, you may consider wooden sunglasses. This eyewear has neutral colours that go well with any skin tone. Find a pair of wooden sunglasses with angular frames to have a perfect style.

With all the sunglasses variations available in the market, it is undeniably challenging to pick the best one. Not only that, but you have to consider several factors when wearing an eyewear. If you are planning to buy a pair of sunglasses, one factor that you should not forget is your face shape. If you have a round face, looking for eyewear that contradicts your circular shape is the key to de-emphasizing your face's roundness. Look for angular frames that can help your face look smaller. You may also consider full-rim glasses, transparent frames, and wooden frames.