Sunglasses - a Necessity or an Accessory?

For many people, sunglasses are not just an accessory but a necessity. They are not only to accessorize the OOTD (Outfit of the Day), but they also have health benefits which can protect our eyes too of a wide variety of problems.

We all love the outdoors; the bright sunny sky makes us happy and cheerful. We all enjoy that kind of lifestyle, and we need to protect our eyes in the sun’s harsh rays and other risks.  

In some tropical countries, sunglasses are a necessity for people to keep moving in their daily lives. Glare from the sun while driving, walking in the streets on a sunny day, or an outdoor job is just one of the examples that you are exposed to the sun. Wearing something to protect their eyes are being done to alleviate the issues caused by UV rays.

A good pair of sunglasses in the eyes can reveal everything about your personality, but the most important above all is that they may help you stay in control of your vision to make it better and healthy. Some probably think that wearing sunglasses is to reflect a personality or public persona. But for me no matter who you are, one must have at least a pair of sunglasses and should make a habit of putting them on, especially for those who often stay at the outdoor.

Why do we need sunglasses?

I only used to wear sunglasses when the sun was set in the sunniest hours or during the brightest days in summer. But little did I know that I should be wearing one, anytime the sun is out. It is sending all the UV rays that can harm the eyes even if the clouds are gloomy, it can still potentially damage our sensitives eyes.

According to studies, a single exposure to intense sunlight can damage the eyes, especially if you don’t wear protective glasses on a sunny day. This might not be immediately apparent however it accumulates over time, and you might develop eyes disease such as cataracts, the most common condition.

Exposure to the sun is also prone to skin cancer if you are not wearing any protective glasses your exposed skin around your eyes are prone to skin cancer.

Wearing sunglasses is not only to protect the eyes from sun exposure but also to prevent the glare of the sun. When you are outdoor, and the sun is set on its peak, we have the tendency to squint. It’s harder to see when you squint, especially when driving, so it is best to wear polarized sunglasses to protect from the glare. Squinting can also lead to a migraine or a headache as you are trying to see and fight back the glare coming from the sun. In addition to this squinting can also contribute to the wrinkles around your eyes. Who wants to have a line, I will wear my sunglasses to prevent me from squinting.

Sunglasses are also your protection when you are wearing contact, and your eyes are exposed to the wind. If you are exposed dry and dusty environment, this may lead to the dry-eye syndrome and cause irritation.

If you are on a beach and or in an outdoor activity that debris such as sand and dust are present, it is recommended to wear sunglasses to protect your eyes. This can also prevent you from scratching your eyes which can cause irritation.

How to choose the right glasses?

Aside from choosing to wear sunglasses because of the fashion statement. It is important to consider that you are to wear one to protect against the sun’s harmful rays and eye disease such as cataract. When you look for a pair of sunglasses, it is essential to consider this according to experts.

  • Make sure that the lenses can block 80%-100% UVA and UVB rays. 
  • Can filter out the 65% - 80% light ray. This is to prevent glare coming from the sun. However, it is possible to wear polarized lenses to alleviate the light.
  • The frame and lens should protect and block the area around your eyes.  
  • The lens should be polarized. The higher, the better that it can protect our eyes.  

How do you know if the eyeglasses are right for you? Have you if ever noticed that there are sunglasses that are cool and beautiful when you wear it but when it was your friend luck, it is different. The shape of the face matters when you are wearing a sunglass. What are the different kinds of shape in the face? Let's find out.

Heart - you have a flat forehead and wide cheekbones

Square - your forehead is broad, your jawline is sharp and square

Oval - your face is longer than it is wide and it becomes narrow from the forehead

Round - you're all curves and no angles. The widest point of your face is your full cheekbones. This can taper to a narrower forehead and chin.

Remember that these are only guidelines and the best for determinant for what looks best on you, is what makes you feel confident.

Sunglasses nowadays served an important purpose, and that is to protect the eye. And even if you are wearing something from your eyes, there are still many ways your eyes can be damaged. But there are a lot of tips which can counter and alleviate the effects of sun rays. Keep in mind that sunglasses are just added protection, we must be conscious in our action especially in taking care of our eyes. Parents should also be aware of the importance of children wearing sunglasses, especially on summer season. Awareness is always the key to the solution. After all, we must take care of our welfare. Wearing sunglasses is one of the most natural and most important things children and adults can do to safeguard their eye health, now and into the future.