Sunglasses Trends You Need to Know

Sunglass is one of the classic accessories that can enhance your fashion statement. It does not only complement any outfit, but it is also a stylish way to protect your eyes from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. The sunglass can adapt to any of your fashion statement because it comes in a variety of colours, designs, and sizes. It can be worn anytime, as long as you need it. Picking the best sunglass could be challenging because there are many options to choose from. It is why it is essential to familiarize yourself with the sunglasses trends that you can never go wrong with.

Sunglasses for the Style-Conscious

If you are apprehensive about your overall look, then choosing eyewear that goes well with your attire could be quite difficult. To pick the right style, here are the sunglasses trends that you need to know:

#1 Cat Eye Glasses - If you like to add some playful look to your personality, then opting for cat eyeglasses could be your best pick. It is one of the sexiest sunglasses trends that women can wear. One of the best things about cat eyeglasses is they go well with many face shapes. If you have a round or oval face, try to choose cat eyeglasses with bold and angular lines. These details will help you sharpen your soft facial features. If you have a prominent look, then look for round or oval-shaped cat glasses.

#2 Coloured Frames - Coloured frames are the sunglass trend that can never go wrong with your outfit. Choose a colour that complements your clothes. You can pick any hue or multi-coloured one. Try to consider your skin tone when selecting coloured frames for your sunglass. 

#3 Oversized Sunglasses - Some people loved the idea of wearing oversized sunglasses to add a fun and glamorous touch to their overall look. Oversized sunglasses come in different sizes; that's why it is crucial to pick the right one for you. There are important reminders when wearing them. Make sure that the frames are not touching your cheeks, either your face is relaxed or grinning. The sunglasses are too big if they kiss your cheeks. Although oversized eyewear is big, it should not hide your eyebrows. Another thing to consider is that it should not dominate your face. Another thing to consider is that it should not dominate your face. Choose a pair of oversized sunglasses that still look proportional to the shape of your face.

#4 Tinted Lenses - From clear sunglasses, you can pick tinted lenses to present yourself in a more vibrant personality. Tinted lenses go with plenty of colours, so make sure to pick the right hue that can match your outfit. Consider your skin tone when choosing tinted lenses for your eyewear. For your guide, here are the typical shades for the glasses:

  • Amber tint enhances contrast, which makes it an all-purpose sunglass tint. Remember that they can distort the actual colour of the objects, but you can use them to add warmth to your vision.
  • Blue tint is useful in both reducing glare and enhancing colour perception. This tint is ideal for golfers and skiers. It is also believed that the blue colour has a calming effect and is beneficial to those who are experiencing visual stress.
  • Gray tint is a popular hue for general purpose use. It is ideal for both anti-glare protection and sun-blocking in the summer season. They are also best in providing accurate colour perception.
  • The green tint is excellent in low-light conditions because it brightens shadows and enhances visual sharpness. They are perfect for baseball players, fishers, and golfers.
  • The orange tint is useful for improving visual contrast and depth perception. Usually, it is used by cyclists, golfers, and hunters. It is also ideal if you want to play indoor sports or engage in water activities.
  • Pink and red tints are perfect for sports because they reduce eyestrain and improve depth perception. It is also helpful in contrast adjustment if you are into sports, including biking, hiking, running and even racing.
  • Yellow tint adds both contrast and sharpness to your vision in indoor and outdoor environments.

#5 Vintage Frames - Vintage-style frames do not go out of style. They can provide a classy and dapper look. The good thing about vintage frames is that they can be mixed with modern styles to give a new trendy look. Vintage frames are a bit too loud, according to some fashion experts. When wearing them, try to wear clothes with the same prints as the frames, or plain clothes to flatter the vintage frames. Remember that this eyewear does not go well with all facial shapes. It is essential to consider your facial features if you are opting for vintage frames.

The Latest Sunglasses Trends This 2019

If you want to stand out when it comes to sunglasses trends, then you may choose the latest styles. Check out the following sunglasses craze before the year ends.

#1 90's Skinny Sunglasses - From the name itself, this eyewear has tiny and slim features that became fashionable way back in the 1950s and 1990s. Many celebrities have worn skinny sunglasses, including Kendal and the Hadid sisters. Some people believe that they don't provide enough protection because of their small size. However, you can still choose skinny glasses with maximum UV protection.

#2 Mirrored Sunglasses - This eyewear is classy and stylish accessories that give your reflection. They are reflective sunglasses, which are ideal in the summer season. If you have blonde hair, you can pick mirrored sunglasses with a blue mirror to give contrast with your hair.

#3 Wooden Sunglasses - Wooden sunglasses are one of the biggest trends that you should not miss. They are eco-friendly accessories that you can wear for a simple or classy look.

There are many sunglasses trends that you can apply to achieve your desired look. When picking eyewear, it would be better if you will select the accessory that is both fashionable and excellent for sun's protection.