Sustainable Gift Ideas for All Occasions

Gift-giving never gets old. It is one way to show appreciation to your loved ones. Besides, it is also ideal if you want to make them feel extra special on celebratory moments. However, the more people buy presents; the more carbon footprint can be created. A carbon footprint refers to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions. It is associated with different activities like fossil-fuel combustion in manufacturing, transportation, and other related processes. Thus, it is vital to choose ideal gifts that are eco-friendly. It would be best to choose sustainable gift ideas.

Why Choose Sustainable Gifts?

As defined by Brundtland Commission 1987, sustainability is meeting the present needs without compromising future generations' ability to meet their own needs. Sustainability has three pillars. Among the core areas include economic development, social development, and environmental protection. In terms of the third pillar, you can help the environment by reducing power consumption, recycling materials, and choosing eco-friendly options.

There are lots of gift ideas that support sustainability. Some are made out of recycled materials while others are crafted out of renewable resources, such as wood. If you prefer these items over other presents, you are helping the environment while making your loved ones happy. Besides, most sustainable gifts are affordable and have unique features.

The Best Sustainable Gift Ideas

If you are interested in buying sustainable gifts, you might find it challenging to pick one. It is because you can find a lot of options to choose from. Wooden gifts alone provide a long list, what more if you include the other items? To help you choose the best one, here are some sustainable gift ideas that you can give for any occasion:

#1 Botanical skincare

Who doesn't want to have clearer skin? Achieving it can be costly, especially if it should be done consistently. If you know someone who loves skincare products, you may look for more affordable options. Botanical skin care products are made out of the water, essential oil, and other sustainable materials. Most shops that sell these kinds of items also use eco-friendly gift wraps. Aside from that, they also promote zero-waste packages, making the present an excellent sustainable gift idea.

#2 Compostable phone case

A considerable percentage of people are now using mobile phones. Probably, you also got one for yourself. It is because phones are excellent devices that you can use for communication and entertainment. When you have a phone, certainly, you have a phone case to protect it. The more people use mobile phones; the more phone cases are also utilized.

The problem with phone cases is that they are usually made out of plastic. When they are disposed of, they take time to decompose, which is not suitable for the environment. To give you a more eco-friendly option, you may prefer compostable phone cases. They are phone protectors made from biodegradable materials. You can find a theme in a wide range of colours and styles that also fit for popular phone models.

#3 Hemp clothing

Clothes could be your go-to gift idea. To be eco-friendly, consider buying clothes made out of sustainable materials like hemp. There are online stores where you can purchase fashionable pieces, from t-shirts, jackets, to inner garments. You can be unique with your present by picking underrated materials like hemp. 

#4 Indoor plants

When it comes to sustainable gift ideas, indoor plants will always be on the list. These are ideal for your mother, father, sister, friends, or anyone who loves to grow and collect plants. Aside from being eco-friendly, indoor plants are excellent gifts because they increase the oxygen level at home. They also serve as beautiful decors that can be placed in the living room, kitchen, and even bedroom. 

Some of the best indoor plants that you may consider are asparagus fern, Chinese evergreen, fiddle leaf fig, jade plant, and peperomia. You may also choose plants that can provide you with natural spices such as chives, basil, lemongrass, and parsley. These herbs are ideal to grow indoors.

#5 Plantable pencils

Another sustainable gift idea that can spark creativity is plantable pencils. These products have seeds at the end instead of an eraser. So after using up the pencil, you can plant the seed, take care of it, and watch it grow. Aside from indoor plants, plantable pencils are ideal for plant lovers. You can wrap them in old newspapers and decorate them with dried flowers to make them more appealing.

#6 Wooden sunglass

Canada is truly a home to many breathtaking beach destinations. If you've got a friend who plans his/her next summer adventure, you may give your pal a wooden pair of sunglasses. It is a sustainable way to prepare for the hot season. Besides, you can help your friend to protect his/her eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Wooden sunglasses could be your best pick if you are searching for gift ideas perfect for any occasion. It is because even if it is not summer, your loved one can still use it for eye protection. 

#7 Wooden watch

Another wooden product that you may choose for sustainable gifts is a wooden watch. There are online stores that sell wooden timepieces made out of Canadian maple wood. A wooden watch is an excellent gift idea if you want a proudly made Canadian timepiece that is also eco-friendly. One of the best features of a wooden watch is its neutral colour. Thus, it complements all skin tones and any outfit idea. It could be the product for your loved ones who love to wear chic and unique accessories.

Buying sustainable gifts could be the perfect way to show love to the people you care for. Aside from that, it is also ideal if you want to be more eco-friendly and support an environmental cause. Choosing eco-friendly gifts, including wooden products, can provide you with unique and affordable presents perfect for any occasion.