The Best Ideas for Office Gifts

Buying gifts for your family and closest friends might be easier than giving presents to your boss and co-workers. It is because you probably know what your loved ones like or interest. But when it comes to the workplace, you still need to add a sense of professionalism when giving gifts. For sure, some of you are thinking of availing expensive things when, in fact, there are many affordable presents to consider. The gift for your colleagues is not always about the price. Sometimes, it is the simplest item you can find in the mall or online shop. Besides, the essence of gift-giving is making people feel special on the important day of their lives.


Gift Ideas for Your Boss and Officemates

Have you received an announcement that your boss is celebrating his/her birthday? Do you already know what gift to buy? Thinking of the best gift idea could be stressful sometimes. That's why listed below are some of the thoughtful and unique presents that you may consider for your co-workers. Indeed, they will be happy to receive the following items knowing that you remember their special day.


#1 Humidifier - Do you want to help your colleagues feel more relaxed? If so, buy them a humidifier. There are small humidifiers perfect for office tables. Not only that, but you can buy them at an affordable price. Your colleagues will surely be delighted to have a humidifier because they can put their favourite essential oils there. Some essential oils to consider to alleviate anxiety and stress include bergamot, clary sage, jasmine, lavender, rose, and ylang-ylang.


#2 Insulated coffee mug - Who says coffee mugs are overrated? This gift idea is an item that is always on the list because it is useful and affordable at the same time. Besides, you can level up this gift idea by choosing high quality insulated coffee mugs. These things can keep the coffee hot or cold for several hours. Your co-workers can use the coffee mug for drinking their favourite beverage. Be it coffee, milk, or tea; you can help your colleague stay awake at work.


#3 Mini succulents - Placing indoor plants in the workplace can help in improving one's mood. There are many indoor plants that you may consider for gift-giving, and among them are mini succulent plants. They require less maintenance, that's why they are ideal for office space. Besides, succulent plants come in a wide range of colours, which can add to the workplace's aesthetic. Consider this eco-friendly gift idea for your co-workers who are fond of collecting and taking care of plants.


#4 Office organizers - Having a clean and organized workplace can help boost productivity in the office. With office organizers, you can help your co-workers create a cozier and organized workplace. From small drawers and boxes to ball pen holders, there's a wide variety of office organizers to choose from.


#5 Personalized tumbler - One subtle way to remind your colleagues to drink water is to give them a personalized tumbler. Tumblers come in a wide range of colours and sizes, allowing you to choose your co-workers’ favourite. They are affordable and can be personalized, making this gift idea a thoughtful present.


#6 Pillow neck support - Some people love to take naps during breaks. Besides, taking a nap can boost one's productivity. That's why giving your colleagues a pillow neck support is an excellent idea. Make sure to buy the comfiest pillow you can find. Since it comes in various colours, you can pick your friend's favourite or stick to neutral tones. Your colleagues will surely be delighted to have this gift idea.


#7 Wooden sunglass - Are you planning to give your boss a fashion accessory? Buying necklaces and other pieces of jewelry could be expensive. Besides, it's challenging to decide what to give him/her. Why not give your boss a pair of stylish wooden sunglasses? This eyewear is more lightweight compared to sunglasses that use metal frames. Other than that, it is more durable and eco-friendly compared to plastic sunglasses. 


Wooden sunglasses are fashionable accessories perfect for gift-giving. Since the frames are made out of wood, they can complement any skin tone and go well with any outfit. Most wooden sunglasses also come in boxes, so you don't have to worry about the packaging. Besides, you can find wooden sunglasses online at an affordable price.


#8 Wooden watch - When you buy your colleagues a wooden watch, they don't need to check on their phones to know the time. Therefore, they will be less distracted at work, boosting their productivity. Besides, a wooden watch is ideal for your co-workers since it is eco-friendly. The timepiece is made from renewable materials that’s why patronizing a wooden watch promotes sustainability.


Another reason to buy a wooden watch is its unique and friendly features. Unlike metal watches, a timepiece made of wood is lightweight and more comfortable to wear. Aside from that, the neutral colours of a wooden watch can complement my outfit and skin tone. That's why you don't have to think about whether the watch will suit your co-workers' style. They can wear it either on formal or informal occasions.

Gift giving could sometimes be challenging. It is because even if you have a gift idea in your mind, there are instances when you become doubtful, whether it is the best or not. But remember, your boss or co-worker will surely love your present as long as you are sincere about giving it. If you want to be confident with your gift, you may consider something useful and help your co-workers become more productive at work.