The Best Wooden Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Every day, someone you know might be celebrating his/her birthday while some couples are commemorating their wedding anniversary. No matter what the occasion is, you may choose to give them a valuable gift that could make your loved ones happy.

However, thinking of what gift to buy can overwhelm you. It is because there's a lot of choices which are available in the market, from personalized gifts to clothes and accessories. But if you want an affordable gift that goes well with any occasion, then you may opt for wooden presents.

Perfect Wooden Gifts

Wooden Beer Mug - The wooden beer mug is a perfect gift for beer lovers. Because it is made of wood, its durability can last for years. Your loved ones can use it whenever and wherever they want to drink beer. They will surely love this handy and thoughtful present. This wooden beer mug is perfect for any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving, and other special holidays.

Wooden Bluetooth Speaker - Give this present to anyone who is tech-savvy and enjoys loud music. Since it is portable and wireless, it can be brought anywhere. The wooden Bluetooth speaker can be used on any occasion, both formal and informal. Try it with your friends and dance your stress away!

Wooden Book Box - If you know someone who likes reading and collecting books, then give him/her with a wooden book box. It is a protective box for books that can also be added as decorations to the living room or bedroom.

Wooden Bowl Salad - Salads make excellent appetizers. To make this food look more appetizing, you can place them in a wooden bowl salad and garnish it with a delectable dressing. You can choose the wooden bowl as a gift to those who love salads. Besides promoting healthy food, you will also become more eco-friendly by opting for wood products.

Wooden Candle Holder - Make candlelight dinner dates more special by adding this simple furniture on the center table. It can be used to create a romantic ambience even at home.

Wooden Coffee Mug - Many individuals are coffee enthusiasts and gifting them with a unique coffee mug can delight them. What makes it unique is the material used to create it as well as its size and shape. It is more durable since it cannot break, unlike ceramic mugs. The wooden coffee mug is also ideal for tea or any hot drink.

Wooden Essential Oil Diffuser - Want a calming present? Try to gift your loved ones with a wooden essential oil diffuser. It is an excellent addition to the home and can be placed anywhere, from bedrooms to living rooms. Diffusing essential oils using this wooden diffuser can offer your family and friends with a soothing feeling similar to a spa experience.

Wooden Keychain - The wooden key chain is a simple yet thoughtful gift idea that can also serve as a souvenir from weddings and birthdays. It can be used to keep your keys wherever you go. You can also gift this small present to those who are fond of collecting keychains.

Wooden House Sign - If you have a friend who already has a family, you can gift him/her with a wooden house sign. It can serve as a sign of love since the family's surname could be written on it. The gift could be a symbol of the family that your friend has built. The wooden house sign is ideal for anniversaries and special occasions like Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Wooden Jewelry Box - Gift your loved ones with a wooden jewelry box where they can store their valuable accessories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and watches. To make it more personalized, you can engrave the name of your beloved family or friend on the box since it is made of wood. You can also write a personal message and share how you feel about them. The wooden jewelry box is a durable box that your loved ones can treasure for years. 

Wooden Pens - You can gift this wooden pen to your hardworking dad, mom, or friend, or colleague in any occasion. It is a small gift that can be personalized since you can write their name on it. The wooden pen is a stylish and sophisticated present that you can offer to those who love simple gifts. 

Wooden Sunglass - Remind your loved ones to protect their eyes from the ultraviolet rays from the sun by giving them a wooden sunglass. This stylish piece of accessory is ideal for birthdays, anniversaries, and any momentous occasion. The wooden sunglass is a fashionable piece of accessory that can match any outfit. 

Wooden Stump Side Table - This gift idea can be placed in the bedroom, living room, or even in the bathroom. It is a great spot to hold your phone if you are in the bathroom. It is also where you can place your cup of coffee or a glass of wine while you are watching in the living room. Try to give this to your dad or mom or to anyone you love.

Wooden Watch - It is a stylish accessory for him and her. A watch is an excellent gift idea that never goes out of style. But instead of picking the usual metal or plastic watch, opting for a wooden timepiece is a unique present that your loved ones will surely like.

Wooden Wine Rack - Drinking wine is perfect for any occasion. Try to give your friend a wood wine rack where he/she can organize the wine bottles. The wine rack is also ideal for birthdays and anniversaries. It can also be a perfect addition to the kitchen or dining area.

There's a lot of gift ideas that you can choose from ranging from simple presents to luxurious ones. No matter how plain your gift is, you can make it more sophisticated by choosing a quality and durable material like wood. Try to pick one from the list above and check the most suitable neutral-gender gift idea perfect for any occasion.