The Importance Of A Watch In Every Outfit

Watch is one of the essential accessories that many men and women have. It is better to wear a watch that will fit with the right outfit. Choosing a watch is sometimes based on your personality. Some choices have to do with your style and others based on functionality. If you are planning to buy one watch and wearing it in all circumstances, it needs to be neutral.

When choosing for a watch, it needs to be reasonably understated to match with the outfit that you will wear. Having a metal watch is often more suitable than leather as sometimes the leather of the watch could not match with all your outfits.

Moreover, smartwatches are very famous nowadays because it’s like wearing a phone on your wrist. If you are the type of person that needs to be updated most of the time with important messages and notification from social media, this is the perfect watch for you. It mimics all the features of your phone to your watch.

Important Reasons Why Women and Men Wear Watches

A watch can add impact to how a person looks and present themselves. Some use a watch to denote style and others use it as it is needed for their work. In finding a watch that compliments one's outfit, there are specific rules that we should adhere to come up with the right one. But first, let's identify the common reasons why people often wear a watch.

They are Convenient. A watch is one of the most useful accessories a person could have when it comes to telling time. Nowadays the young generation has replaced watches with their phones; however, if you find yourself in a meeting, it can look more professional to look at your watch rather than at your phone especially if you are in the middle of a discussion. It is still more classic if you take a glance at your wrist to check on time.

Watches are Functional. People often use the watch in their profession not only to signify their personal preference but also for their professional and occupational setup. For example, a doctor wears specific watches in taking pulse measurements that is simple and effective. While for a professional athlete, a watch should serve them to remind the wearer of the activities and keep track of their progress.

Signifies Style. Wearing a watch signifies style. It can serve as an important accessory to complement their outfit. Watch forms self-expression and communicates a lot when it comes to wearers' personality.

It Can Make A Great Heirloom. In some countries, it is a tradition that whoever owns a watch from a different era is a remembrance from people who lived before you. They are often passed around from generation to another generation. It doesn't matter if these are expensive as long as they pass around and leave a message regarding the essence of passing on values which are important to a family and the wearer.     

Now that we have identified the importance of wearing a watch, let us take a look at how we can complement the watch to every outfit.

Types of Watches That Complements Outfit

When matching your style to a specific watch, some things need to be considered as this will have an overall impact in your outfit.

There are different categories of watch that we can choose from. These are commonly called the type of watch that you wear based on the occasion that you will attend to and the profession that you are currently into.

Dress Watch. These are the plain ones that only show hours, minutes, seconds and dates. They are usually for people who do not have any particular need, but they need a watch that tells time. These are generally worn by people who are in an executive office, particularly the sales people because it best suits an important client meeting as sometimes how they present themselves can close a deal.

Diver's Watch. These are commonly worn in a casual outfit but not in a formal one. These are worn in occasions such as backyard barbeque, sporting events as a participant and other activities such as informal business meeting, shopping, and happy hour or outing with friends.

Chrono/Sport Watch. They are durable, sleek and made from high-quality composites. From the word itself, these are worn by a sport-minded person and cannot be used in a formal business set-up or an office setting wherein there is a dress code of formal attire.

Additional Things to Consider When Choosing a Watch

Smartwatch Functionality. For some, smartwatches are innovative; and these can be an extension of mobile phones social media presence. Since this has a lot of functionality aside from telling time, it could potentially become a type of distraction because frequent messages and notifications it receives. This can still be worn on an informal business set-up; however, people wearing should get familiar with the settings and all its functionalities.

Know The Kind of Watch to Wear in Every Situation. Know the functionality of your watch and occasions where you will use it. Sailing, diving and swimming are activities that demand a sports watch because it can get wet and are always water resistant.

Generally, wearing a watch as an accessory can be fun and challenging at the same time. Know where to wear as there some people that are very particular when it comes to the outfit that they choose. The watch that you own and wear should be similar to your personality and must not only coordinate with your outfit but also with your activity.