The Value of Your Wristwatch

Have you ever tried or been curious about how much is the value of your wristwatch? For many collectors, it has been passed down by many generations, and it has become an heirloom. There are a few factors that play an important role in identifying the value of a wristwatch.

These values make a significant difference when it comes to the desirability among the collectors. Some common guidelines for all items are condition and rarity and some unique to watches. Looking at the condition of the watch must also be considered.

Most watches that have been worn out can show scratching, scuffing and generally overly used which in most cases does not have any value at all. It is essential to consider the cleanliness of each wristwatch to ensure that it retains its quality. Here are some of the aspects to consider when it comes to checking the value of your wristwatch.


For obvious reasons, the higher the price tag is you know the value of your wristwatch. Prominent luxury brands will always maintain their value when it comes to a well-established brand name and partly due to the quality of the product. Luxury brands are not only valuable but also retain their value over time.

The brand for one plays an essential role in determining the longevity and seriousness of each customer. Consumers own perception of a specific brand. What people think and say about your brand, tells all about your brand. For big brand companies, they no longer speak about how their product is. They have an absolute idea because their consumers speak about their brand.

Overall, the brand plays an important role when it comes to considering the value of your wristwatch. Simply because over the years they have reputation again when it comes to branding their own needs.


In the introduction of this blog, I have mentioned that it is essential that we consider the state when it comes to determining the value of the watch. The usual question always begins on how well does your clock has stood the test of time. It is important not only to look for the extent of the damage but also if there are any missing, such as decorative elements, embellishments or parts. It is a must to look if original parts are missing. We also need to consider if the watch functions properly. Even the service history will play a significant role when determining the condition and value of your watch.

In determining the watch condition, there are three elements that we must consider — cosmetic, function and water resistance.

Cosmetic Condition. Plays a very easy role when it comes to determining the watch condition. It is best if the metal retains all of its factory finish and definition. If there are crystals included in a watch, it should be kept by scratches or chips. The dials and hands must retain their factory state and appear untouched. Bracelets or straps must also look as new.

Bracelets, straps and clasp condition are also the important one to consider when assessing the cosmetic state of a watch for sale. It must have a clean factory-style finish and minimal refinishing a this adhere to the same principle.

Functional Condition. A local watchmaker or jeweller must require a complete assessment. There must be four areas to consider mechanical, bezel, crown function and clasp or buckle operation.

Before selling, a watch owner should have his wristwatch timed in several standard positions and tested for power reserve to determine the condition of his watch. Timing will determine seconds lost or gained per day and this is what the power reserve is. This will be one of the tests to determine whether the watch runs as long as the manufacturer states when they are allowed to discharge.

Watch Resistance. It is a piece of information when selling a watch. Water "proof" is a term not used by watchmakers because as they always said, no watch is immune to water. Resistant, on the other hand, refers to describe a watch that can exclude water from its interior. Original manufacturer rates each watch to a certain "test depth," which can be done before selling your watch.

There are several types of water resistance that can be measured during the test. Vacuum and low-pressure test are designed to test how watch resist water intrusion when it is submerged. Low pressure, on the other hand, measures whether a watch will admit water when under no compression.


Age is not included in the list when it comes to determining the value. It is because age affects the rarity which therefore may add value. A watch must survive many years in excellent condition as this can add value. If you were able to inherit a new watch, chances are you need to consider some of the critical factors when it comes to how this can be matched with other observations.

Condition and documentation are vital factors so when the original owner can keep one that only means that it was taken good care for a long time. If the piece runs fine now, not knowing its service history could be interpreted as if you're not aware of what had happened to it. No matter what your intentions are, either to hang on the watch for decades or your looking for a quick buck, most often be worth to get it serviced unless you have its history on record.


Patina is another factor affected by age. It shows up right away and can add value. When a watch ages naturally, it creates colour on the dial. Which makes the watch unique and give it character. Collectors and enthusiast appreciate this unique feature which can only come with age; therefore, a proper and good patina will increase the value of a watch.


A complete set of box and papers will always be worth more than a watch. If these include an accompanying box and papers, they will undoubtedly add value to a watch. Here is the importance of keeping it essential.

Proof of Authenticity and Ownership. When a watch is directly purchased from an authorized dealer, it usually comes with a box with original supporting paper. Sometimes it does not add value to the watch but helps prove authenticity and ownership. Having the certificate of authenticity, showing the reference and unique serial number attributed to it.

Has an Impact on Online Business Trading. Nowadays online trading has become a booming business. The inclusion of a box and paper box has grown and had the watch box can distinguish a real watch from a replica. This provides the buyer with a great sense of comfort before purchasing.

In today's modern world, many international collectors are looking to purchase watches that are not only in excellent condition but also comes with a complete list of accessories which can increase a watch's value.  

  • Complete box
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Original purchase receipt
  • Warranty Card
  • Tags
  • Extra links
  • Service Records
  • Instruction Booklet

In summary, a watch can retain its value even without the box and paperwork, however, while these items are not necessary they can add value most especially in the minds of collectors and watch enthusiasts who are looking for a watch to wear on the wrist but also for an investment in the future.