Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Wrist Watch

Wristwatches are designed to keep track of the time, day and night. They are essential to human beings because they tell us time, they remind us of the relevant matter that we must not forget and it says everything about our personality.

Our wrist watch provides us with a strong statement of our personality. Sometimes it spokes about what we want to be achieved as a person. It creates a brand for yourself which you may be unaware. This is because of the personality that you want to bring as a person.

Sometimes most people want to be perceived based on the watch that they are wearing. However, did you know that we have to be careful about how we want to be perceived? wrist watch sometimes connotes a different personality, and we must be able to act on it based on our character.

Here are some of the helpful tips that we can share on how we can take care of our wristwatch.

Clean Your Wrist Watch Frequently

Everybody wants clean equipment, clothes and other stuff. However, sometimes we tend to take it for granted because we know it won't need any cleaning and can be done soon. It is important to clean your wristwatch frequently because it does not only keep your watch in good condition; it also connotes a different perspective on your personality.

Here are some tips on how you can clean your watch

Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and clean the dial or face of your watch. If there are special designs, such as markings, rhinestones or diamonds affect the dial of your watch. Use cotton buds to help get rid of the dirt. A vintage watch, on the other hand, must be sent to a specialty or jewelry store as they know better on how to take care of your wristwatch.

Cleaning of the band of your watch depends on what watch you are using. If you are using leather, this means that you need to use a damp cloth. Gently dry and buff the leather if you will be going out and will be exposed to a different kind of activity that will make you perspire. It is best to remove your wristwatch as this not proper to use one.

Dry your watch. Metal watches have a tendency to rust. Salt and sweat can make your watch susceptible to rust. Always ensure that your watch is dry once you have worn.

All the cleaning won't make any difference if you don't store your watch properly. Some of the watches are destroyed because some of the mold and mildew are present in your watches. Use a watch box to preserve and avoid extreme heat, cold and humid. Follow these guidelines to help protect your wristwatch.

Ensure That Your Watch Are Being Service Regularly

It is essential that you regularly bring your watch especially the vintage ones, for a service to be sure that there is no problem when it comes to the mechanical problem of your watch. By rule, all quartz and mechanical watch should be serviced every five years.

Know You Watch Water Resistant

According to research, watches are classified in the degree of resistance in the water. Here are some of the water-resistant chart that can be helpful as guidelines on how this can be prevented.

  • 50 meters is suitable for showering and swimming in shallow water
  • 100 meters is suitable for swimming and snorkelling
  • 200 meters is suitable for scuba diving
  • 500 meters is suitable for deep water diving   

It is also important that you know that we should not operate the pushers or the crown of our watch while underwater. Make sure that all are properly pushed back or pulled down.

Avoid Contact With Chemicals

Wristwatch must always be not affected by any chemical compound especially perfumes. It is important that before wearing your wristwatch, lotions and perfume have been applied and dried. Lotions and perfumes can damage the band of the watch make it weak and eventually causing it to tear.

For metal watches, the same as leather, it is essential that this is also not affected by perfume and lotion as this will cause rust on the band of the metal. It is likely important that we are aware of this as this will destroy the overall look of the wristwatch. 

Keep Your Watch Box For Storage

When we buy a new watch, we always throw or put away the box. It is essential that we keep this one as this will serve as a protection for the watch. The watch dial can be easily scratch if we don't take the necessary precautions. Having it stored will preserve its beauty and purpose.

If possible, invest for a storage case which is designed to keep all your watch safe. This is similar to a jewelry box; however, this is designed to keep all your watches. They are stored in a pillow/cushion-like material to prevent any dents. It has a glass top that allows you to see your collections, and it is best if you are the type of person who wears a different watch every day.

Never Expose Your Wrist Watch To Magnets

Watches may not be able to function well if these are affected or exposed with the magnetic object. It is important not to be closed with magnets for an extended period. In case of the watch has been exposed by a powerful magnet, it needs to be brought at the nearest service repair shop store to be checked.

Leave Your Watch To The Expert

Never open your watch all by yourself, leave it to the person who specializes in looking into a problem. A watchmaker. Opening the watch may cause a lot of dust, dirt and other particles harmful for the watch, so it is best to leave it to the professionals.

In the maintenance of wristwatch, it is best that we know as to how and what it is made of. At WoodWear all watches are crafted carefully, and it creates a nature-friendly aura while wearing it. Knowing how it is made is quite important as it can affect your well-being as a person. Its unique design is what makes them stand out because it is integrated with a wood watch design. 

What defines WoodWear is the character that it builds; it allows them to combine nature and style. It can improve your emotional state of mind while wearing it since we are discussing how we can take our wristwatch. Wooden watches from WoodWear also has specific maintenance when it comes to how to take care of the observations. According to studies, it is easy to maintain as you only need to apply a dab of lemon or olive oil with cotton cloth in brisk strokes. It must be gently rubbing until all residues are left. This must be done every last two months.

Other tips on taking care of taking care of your wristwatch are the avoidance of dropping it and any impact on your watch. Consider also the type of watch that you wear, if you are working in a construction better to choose something durable that can stand wear and tear. A wristwatch is important in our daily lives and we must know how to take care of it.