What Your Watch Says About Your Personality

Designer clothes, shoes, purse or bags are one of the critical indicators of a person’s taste and status symbol. But above these accessories, a wristwatch can make a strong statement on the person wearing it. Your watch says a lot about who you and it is sometimes spoken about how you want to be perceived as a person. It’s like creating a particular brand for yourself which you were unaware of because you are inclined on wearing it.

One of the possible reasons why we're drawn to certain watches is because of our own personalities. Sometimes based on your character traits.

What watch works for you?

Choosing the right watch is overwhelming. You have to consider many things and have an appropriate one for any event in your life. There are many famous and expensive brands in the market today, but first, let’s identify which one works for you based on your personality.

Luxury Watch

This is for the person who believes in the most beautiful things in life. These are commonly seen by executives and people who give attention to quality. They don’t enjoy the idea of wearing a timepiece that is quickly done or cheaply made because they are always after the class. These are great for watch collectors as they appreciate excellent precision in a watch and are often encased in precious gemstones and other expensive materials.


These are for the people who don’t like to be left behind with the latest trend in technology. It is a symbol of progress, change and innovation. It’s like having a watch that can do many things all at the same time. After all, smartwatches have GPS, a heart rate sensor, games, the capability to play music, read messages coming from your mobile phone and about a million other features.

Sports Watch

From the word itself, these are for people who are sporty and trendy at the same time. The sports watch is for those who are always on the go and always active. Because of this, the watches are made to be waterproof, shockproof, shatterproof. They are always designed durable to withstand when faced with challenges. They are for people who are inclined to sports or strenuous activities.


Dress Watch

It is the most elegant of watches, and it has one purpose to tell time — no complications. A dress watch is simple, elegant and has a minimalist look. It's not a watch that’s bejewelled with diamonds or a chronograph that is so big that looks like a wall clock. Subtle and charming, it should be paired with your business suit or during formal gatherings in general.

Fashion Watch

Every watch says everything about style, but for fashion watches, it is more about achieving a certain look. It’s all about visual appeal as it reflects vibrancy, charm and affordability. You could be perceived by many as a fun, approachable and quirky person.

It also reflects the current trend and style. The style exists to match every mood from serious to funny and even formal to casual. You can also own several fashion watches because of its affordability. The designs are mostly bright and loud but it defines you, and that’s totally fine. The one wearing a fashion watch is complex inside but simply loves to bring joy and happiness so that it can create positivity and eagerness.

How do we know what’s best for us depends on your mood and of course your personality? Sometimes people don’t wear a particular watch because of the brand. Often they think how it is made and where it comes from. It is more on the quality that makes the watch stand out from the rest.

Watches from Woodwear

At Woodwear, some watches are made from wood. When nature and style are combined, there is a significant impact on how you are perceived as a person. It creates a nature-friendly aura around the person who is wearing it. Having the right quality in any items that you are wearing gives you the freedom and confidence. 

Woodwear carries two kinds of a wristwatch. Wooden Watch made from Canadian Maple Wood, round and leather. It is pretty affordable as the price is less than $50.

The round watch is somewhat ideal for casual wear. It looks trendy but straightforward, and it comes into two different colours, pink and light coloured brown. The style is similar to a sporty watch, but it does not have any chronograph. Best to use while strolling at the mall, meeting friends for an afternoon tea, best partnered with a casual dress while wearing a sneaker suited for a morning walk.

People working in a corporate world can wear the leather wooden watch from Woodwear. Because it is a leather one it can be partnered with a semi-casual attire or corporate attire. It can be useful for an office set up. It can also be casual if paired with a classic outfit, not too flashy or colourful as the watch I believe is better matched with neutral coloured outfits.  

What defines Woodwear watch is the ability to combined nature into an accessory. We know for a fact that being surrounded by wood has a positive effect. It has a positive impact on people’s health as well. You might not notice right away, but it can even improve your emotional state of mind. This is because it can balance the air quality which impacts your ability to breathe more easily. Indeed it creates an organic sense but with style.