Why Green Living Is The New Trend

In today's modern world, being sustainable and environmentally conscious is more important than ever. There are tons of ways to become even more environmentally responsible than you already are, some of which are quite popular right now. For some, even if they adopt certain green practices, they undoubtedly feel like they can and should be doing the right thing.

But what does it mean precisely to be going green? The answer to that question probably depends on who you ask. Some say that it's all about global warming in general. While some put green living low down on their list of priorities, others strive to take care of the environment in everything that they do. Not everyone feels this way, and many believe that going green is a useful and essential way to halt global warming. Each small steps they take and move in the right direction makes a small impact that will eventually add up to an enormous contribution to the environment. It’s all about perspective.

Perspective is what drives future generations to continue working together, and more people believe that small changes can have a significant and lasting impact. The more people believe that small changes can have a tremendous impact, the more that they can help Mother Nature's chance in thriving the next century.

How to sustain being green is the question now that we need to address. While there are many methods on how we can decrease carbon footprint, others are doing it by just turning off the electricity when not in use. There are a lot of trends for going green and simple ways on how we can make this happen. Here are some of the examples of green living trends which one way or another help sustain the environment.

Sustainable Living   

Climate change, global warming, ozone layer issue and reduction of natural resources are becoming more apparent nowadays and there has been an impact on human and animal lives recently. Sustainable living can help reduce the environmental impact by making changes in the lifestyle. Simple ways like reducing energy consumption and becoming more eco-friendly can go a long way in reducing your environmental impact. But first, let’s define what sustainable living is.

Sustainable living is the idea of reducing your consumption of natural resources. It also attempts the reduction of an individual or society's use of Earth's natural resources by ensuring that you replace the best of your ability. Those who practice sustainable living always attempts to reduce their carbon footprint by altering energy consumption.

Greener Homes. A great way to start is having a mindset of the green and clean living environment within our homes. In today's modern world, having a home filled with energy efficient construction is a great way to help the environment. By installing solar panels and use of daylight within the homes, it helps reduce the dependence on electricity. Another example is an unplugging your electronic devices when not in use; most electronic devices keep on drawing electricity even when they are off. By just pulling the plug when not in use, it will help save energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill.

Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Be conscious of buying new products. Learn how to reuse or repurpose items to different uses and what they are intended for when it comes to your essential needs. Old glass bottles or aluminum cans are some of the things that can be recycled in a home.

Plant an Edible Garden. Grow your greens inside your home as a garden can help reduce soil erosion and reduce air pollution. It is also important to plant something that doesn't make use of lots of water, toxic pesticides and chemical fertilizers.


A lot of companies are now eliminating wasteful packaging. Some are encouraging customers to bring their reusable bags or even banning plastic bags. We all know that plastic takes a lot of time to go, therefore, it would take a lot of years for plastic to decompose. Plastic nowadays affects marine life as this can be found in the ocean's surfaces due to improper waste management.

Eco-packaging is transforming our society in a significant way. Having a packaging that is clearly labelled recyclable packaging can be thrown or dispose of in a recycling bin for re-use. By having an eco-friendly packaging, it is pretty versatile and can be re-used and re-purposed in most significant industries that involve packaging.

Eco-Friendly Business

If your business is selling products that are good for the environment, chances are your gaining advantage over your competitors. If your customers know that you are conducting an eco-friendly manner of business, it allows you to make a business strategy.

More and more consumers are looking for product labelling to see if what they are buying has been manufactured according to eco-friendly practices or is recyclable. One company that provides eco-friendly products is Woodwear. They offer sunglasses that are natural-friendly. Some customers say that while wearing it, it gives them the feeling of beach and forest. It makes them feel that they are travelling in a forest or hiking in the mountains even if they are in the middle of a city.

Woodwear sells two kinds of sunglasses, Wooden Sunglasses North American Walnut, it is all wood, not plastic or bamboo and the Wooden skateboard sunglasses. Each sunglasses is entirely different. Skateboard Sunglasses are made entirely from recycled Canadian Maple skateboard decks, no plastic material used while being manufactured. The wood grain of each Canadian maple is different; thus it makes you look unique while wearing it.

On the other side comes Wooden skateboard sunglasses which is one of a kind. It has a natural walnut wood frame. It had a glass lens and polarized with 100% UV Protection. Using wood helps to sustain our forest and increases our carbon storage potential by helping to ensure that sustainability is managed.