Women's Guide in Wearing A Watch

Men and women's watches have the same features and functions nowadays. However, women's preference for choosing a watch is somehow different than men. Some women like it plain, while others want a timepiece with more embellishments. No matter how plain the watch is, you can make it more dazzling by wearing it properly and matching it with a fashionable outfit.

Women's Watch Guide

You deserve the best watch; thus, you should choose the best one. It is vital to find the perfect style that can match your personality and fashion statement. Try to follow the tips below to become more dashing when wearing a valuable timepiece:

#1 What Material to Consider - Do you prefer a classic metal watch than a plastic one? Or do you consider a wooden watch? Picking the best material used in creating the watch is important because it could be your basis in choosing what to wear. Know that a stainless steel or metal timepiece goes well with both formal and informal wear. You can match it with your business attire or casual outfit.

Plastic watches can be worn with your everyday outfit. Since most of them are made in different colours, you can pick something with the same colour as your shirt, dress, bag, or other accessories. If you want a neutral tone, you can opt for a wooden timepiece. Since a wooden watch is made of natural material, it is hypoallergenic - making it the best alternative if you are allergic to metal and synthetic materials. 

#2 What Style to Look For - Do you like your watch to be plain or with adornment? Knowing what style to look for is also one of the things that you should consider. You may opt for a simple one or a timepiece with stones and crystals on its dial. If you prefer something with diamonds or pearls, then you can match it with a stunning dress that you can wear on formal events. A sparkling watch also goes well with a matching clutch. Some watches can be bracelets at the same time. It is a two-in-one accessory that you might love.

#3 What Size Works Well - Watches come in different sizes, and it is essential to know which size best fits for you. From small dials to oversized ones, determine which looks great on your wrist. Sometimes, the size determines the mechanism in the watch. Automatic watches are often bulkier ones.

#4 What Color to Pick - It is essential to select a watch that compliments your skin tone. Picking the right colour can make it easier for you to match it with your outfit. Do you have a fair skin complexion? You can select a white watch, although any colour can suit your skin tone. Black clocks go well with tanned skin or dark complexion. If you are hesitant with black or white, you may prefer a more neutral tone like beige or silver. You can also choose red, blue, and other vibrant colours depending on your preference.

Helpful Tips In Wearing A Watch

There are various factors to consider when wearing a timepiece. Here are some of them:

#1 Do not forget to identify the functions and features of your watch. Although the standard purpose of a clock is to tell time, and other watches have unique functionalities. Some of them measure elapsed time while others are able to track a second-time zone. Knowing the features of your timepiece can help you maximize its use. However, do not only focus on the specifications. You might be overwhelmed with the availability of stylish watches in the market today. Although there are watches with a lot of specifications, it is not advisable to buy them, especially if you may not need those features. 

#2 Consider a dress watch for evening events. You may wear whatever style you like, especially on evening occasions, but it is recommended to opt for a dress watch. It is a timepiece with gold or silver cases that can go well with evening wear. Others have polished leather straps with a dazzling dial.

#3 Wear a band that fits perfectly. To comfortably wear a timepiece, it should be worn naturally and not sloppy. To tell if a timepiece is dressed appropriately, the wristwatch should be loose around the wrist. Remember that you will be able to fit a finger between the timepiece and the watchband. The accessory is too tight if it leaves an imprint when worn.

#4 Do not expose your leather or wooden watch in extreme heat. If you are on an outdoor trip, try not to expose your leather or wooden watch in direct sunlight for a long time. It is because too much heat can decrease the dimension of the watch. On the other hand, it can cause small cracks to wooden ones.

#5 Do not forget to take care of your watch. Some individuals forget to keep the proper maintenance for their watch. Avoid doing this to make your timepiece finely tuned. The precision of the watch's movement will not taper off if the timepiece is adequately maintained.

The diversity in women's watches could overwhelm you. Since there's a lot of options, the best tip is to look for something that you can wear on any occasion. Adding confidence when wearing it could make you even more fashionable.