Wooden Sunglasses: What You Didn't Know Yet

If you're interested in adding wooden sunglasses to your fashion style, then you should also be aware of the important things about it. Here at WoodWear, we love to share valuable information on how you can apply some of the most helpful and practical tips.

This is not only to improve how you choose your accessories but for you to feel good and stand out from the rest.

Benefits of Using Wooden Sunglasses

Generally, sunglasses are significant items when it comes to accessories for all ages. They can protect our eyes from pollution, dust, ultraviolet rays, and other harmful elements from the environment. They can aid in preventing glares and dangerous reflections that can cause vision impairment.

Wooden sunglasses are preferred by many since they are eco-friendly. Not only that, but they also provide an authentic style and look. Nowadays, as people become more and more creative, a wide range of wooden sunglasses becomes available in the market. They come in different sizes, shapes, colours, and designs. They come in variations not only in terms of shape and size but also in terms of materials.

For most people, choosing eyewear is not only to go with fashion trends or make themselves look fabulous. There are also other health and other benefits this eyewear can bring. Here are some of them:

#1 Health benefits. Did you know that some studies have revealed that wood exposure can make people calmer and happier? That's why wooden watches and wooden sunglasses are becoming a favourite to wear. They can also bring psychological and physiological perks for the person who wears them. Since wood is a natural material, it does not have any harmful substance that may cause allergies and side effects on the body. Skin will be protected and will be free from any possible reactions and infections.

#2 Eco-friendly. Wooden sunglasses can be recycled easily because they are made from natural material. They are biodegradable so there's nothing to worry about that it may cause damage to the environment. Compared to metals and plastics which require chemicals for processing, wooden accessories such as sunglasses can be recycled naturally.

#3 Stylish and Durable. You can find wooden sunglasses on both online and traditional stores. You will be amazed by the various sizes, styles, and shapes where you can choose from. Wooden frames also look fantastic and provide a unique style. Materials such as wood can ensure you to have durable accessories that can go stylish with your overall appearance.

Tips on Buying Wooden Sunglasses

You might be thinking: where and when can I wear best my wooden sunglasses? Since they have a unique style that will make you look fantastic, they can be worn on the beach or some other occasions.

If you're interested in purchasing wooden sunglasses, then you should consider the following factors:

#1 What types of wood are used to make wooden sunglasses? Wooden sunglasses can be made from various types of wood. The most common and proven to offer significantly manufactured wooden sunglasses include zebrawood, ebony, black walnut, maple, birch, bloodwood, bamboo, and purpleheart.

These materials are super light and comfortable. Despite its lighter weight, they are durable and will for sure last for years once correctly taken care of. 

#2 How much is your budget? In purchasing any item, price is a significant determiner that will help you decide in buying. Buying cheaper sunglasses will not ensure you'll get top-notch accessories. Worse, your money will be wasted when after several uses, you will find out that it's already damaged. That's why it is not always great that you settle for less. Go for the brands that are known for their reliable products and services.

When looking for discounted sunglasses, check first the materials used on them. There are sunglasses offered with jaw-dropping discounts, but be cautious of not being lured by that. It's still essential to go for the quality products offered at reasonable prices. On the other hand, sometimes paying a bit more on quality wooden sunglasses can save you a lot in the future.

#3 Uniqueness and variations. What makes wooden sunglasses more interesting is that each pair will be identical from the others. This is because the wood has unique grain variations, so you will not have to worry about style and originality.

#4 What frame size is perfect for you?  There are wood frames with thicker bands and edges. Some experts suggest that the larger the sunglass frames are, the better it can protect your eyes. It can help in preventing dangerous UV rays. The following is a specific guideline to refer when it comes to choosing the right frame for your face shape:

  • Round: If you have a round face, then, you can try rectangular frames to make your face appear a bit longer. If your skin complexion and hair are lighter, then you can choose for either yellow-toned or brown sunglasses. 
  • Square: If you have a significant jawline with almost the same size as your forehead, you should choose round frames. Try to avoid geometric-shaped frames; they will only highlight the width of your face. 
  • Heart-Shaped. You have a heart-shaped face when your forehead is wider than your pointy chin. For this shape of the face, choose a rectangular frame. Avoid trying oversized frames because this will only emphasize your forehead. 
  • Oval Face: If you have a long or oval shape, symmetrical sunglasses can go well. Be careful in choosing the frames that can go perfectly with your face shape. Ask your friends and some experts if the sunglasses look great on you.

It's good to know that manufacturers of eyewear today are wearing not only for style but also for comfort and convenience. Wooden sunglasses deserve to be recognized and tried by fashion lovers because they are eco-friendly and truly amazing in style and quality.